Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vick A Polarizing Figure In Philly

If Michael Vick thought that he was a polarizing figure in Atlanta, his signing with the Philadelphia Eagles has set off a firestorm of controversy and judgement from fans of the team. The The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that fans are passionate in their support or opposition of the move. Dissenting opinions include the following:

"When I heard it," said Bill Fey, who is active in Gloucester County politics, "I nearly drove off the road. . . . How can you sign a guy who hangs dogs from a tree and shocks them?"

It's amazing to me that fans in Philadelphia forget that they support a team that represents a city with the nickname "Kiladelphia". I can in no way condone what Michael Vick has done, but America is supposed to be country of second chances. How about letting Vick succeed or fail in his return to the NFL on his own merits.

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Anonymous said...

Why send him to jail and put him in bankruptcy if you still persecute him. He does not do anything bad to dogs anymore. YOur sign is wrong saying that he hangs dogs. A. His childhood upbringing downloaded a program about mistreated dogs. Where is your cry about white men who raped black women and then killed them if they got pregnant? Where is your cry about Republican Phil Graham who said there is no recession, working class Americans are just whiners? Where is your cry about the rich Republicans aka the "BER" pronounced (bear) Bush Era Recession leaders who put our Nation in this recession? Send them to jail. You know that if Mike Vick were white you would want him to have a 2nd chance. Hypocrites.