Friday, April 10, 2009

The Man Who Saved Lil Wayne!

Police officer have been getting criticized all over the country, and hurt by the "bad apples" that give all of them a bad name. All police officers put their lives on the line daily in an effort to protect private citizens. Robert Hoobler was a police officer in New Orleans on Nov. 11, 1994, when 12 year-old Dwayne Carter Jr. was walking home from school, came upon a 9 mm handgun and accidentally shot himself in the chest. Carter Jr. was able to call 911, and Hoobler answered the call taking the young boy to the hospital and saving his life.

Dwayne Carter Jr., of course is none other than rapper Lil Wayne. The two had the opportunity to meet again, and the reunion went like this:

One night, as Hoobler dined at a restaurant on St. Charles Avenue with a friend, a large man tapped him on the shoulder and told him, "Lil Wayne wants to see you."
Hoobler cast a puzzled glance around the room and locked eyes with a man sporting wild dreadlocks and shiny chains. The man motioned him over. Hoobler didn't recognize him until he stood over the table.
"This man saved my life, " Lil Wayne said to several men and women around him, according to Hoobler. "I almost died, and this man saved my life. I'll never forget him."
He reached out and bumped Hoobler's fist. They spoke briefly before they each returned to their meals.
Hoobler finished eating. When he went to pay for his meal, the waiter told him not to worry about it. Lil Wayne had picked up the tab.

Thanks to the the The Times-Picayune for an uplifting article on the good that police officers have done in the past in times of need.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

23 Schools Closing In Detroit!

The Detroit Free Press reports that as a result of facing a $305 million budget deficit, the Detroit Public School System will close 23 schools impacting 7,500 students. In addition to the closings and supposedly unrelated, 600 teachers are expected to receive layoff letters.

R.I.P. "Human Eraser"

Former NBA player, Marvin "Human Eraser" Webster was found dead in a Tulsa, Oklahoma hotel room on Monday, he was 56. Preliminary reports indicate that the cause of dead was coronary artery disease. Webster played for teams such as the Seattle Supersonics, New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks during his career. Prayers go out to the family.

R.I.P. David "Pop" Winans Sr.

David "Pop" Winans Sr., patriarch to the gospel music Winans family died yesterday after complications from a stroke and heart attack suffered last October. He was 74. Prayers go out to the family for their loss.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have You Ever Seen A 401K For A Crack Dealer?

Rapper T.I.'s MTV show "Road to Redemption" concluded last night with T.I. primarily being interviewed by Sway and later meeting with the young men and one young woman that he tried to impact during the show. Unfortunately one young man has been arrested for attempted murder and wasn't able to be at the meeting, however, T.I. true to his word has vowed to stand behind him.

Towards the end of the show T.I. gave an analogy that was so simple, yet made so much sense. He talked about taking two 15 year-olds with one working at McDonalds and the other dealing drugs. He correctly stated that all things being equal the McDonalds worker will be much better at the 10 year point. The drug dealer undoubtedly will probably be in jail, or worse dead in 10 years, and that everything has to be looked at from a long term standpoint. He also correctly stated that from a simple financial planing standpoint that crack dealers don't get 401K's set up for them. Just a little wisdom from someone who will begin serving jail time next month, but has been fortunate enough to apparently beat the odds and wants to spread a little wisdom.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chris Pleads Not Guilty!

As expected, singer Chris Brown pleaded not guilty to felony charges in Los Angeles yesterday. Watching the baby faced 19 year-old walking into the court room and facing truly adult charges made me take a step back with a little sadness. Unfortunately for Chris, when you can't control emotions, very daunting consequences result from your actions. Too bad do-overs aren't allowed in this thing we call life.

Finally Letting Go!

The greatest basketball player of all time Michael Jordan was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame along with 4 others including David Robinson, John Stockton, C. Vivian Stringer and Jerry Sloan. Jordan hinted during the press conference that the election was a love/hate situation for him, because he finally had to realize that his playing career was really over. Jordan's legacy is completely intact, and we have all of the memories of living and watching simple poetry in motion, and a will to win probably not rivaled by anyone except maybe Tiger Woods. Thanks for the memories MJ.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Philly Cops Gone Bad?

Pennsylvania State Representative Jewell Williams, who is a former police officer, had the misfortune of attempting to assist an innocent older man who was being frisked by a police officer in his North Philadelphia neighborhood on March 28th. As Williams proceeded to intercede, he was subsequently handcuffed even after identifying himself to another police officer on the scene.

The stories of police officers taking the law into their own hands without provocation is getting pretty alarming, especially when it always appears that African Americans are the ones on the other end of the treatment. Perhaps African Americans do have a reason for being paranoid. Thanks to the Philadelphia Daily News for the article.

Attempting To Strike A Plea!

As singer Chris Brown prepares to appear in court today, the New York Daily News reports that intense negotiations are taking place behind the scenes so that Brown can avoid a felony charge and jail time in California for allegedly assaulting Rihanna. Since the initial hearing, Brown has been seen publicly mainly in his home state of Virginia. I'm sure at some point once the legal proceedings have concluded Brown will begin to enter "salvaging career" mode.