Thursday, January 7, 2010

Did Crittenton Load and Cock His Own Gun?

Yesterday NBA Commissioner David Stern justifiably suspended Gilbert Arenas indefinitely for bringing guns into his workplace as a member of the Washington Wizards. The other party in the story Javaris Crittenton is alleged to have loaded and cocked a gun during his confrontation with Arenas in the locker room after Arenas allegedly laid a set of guns on a table and "playfully" told Crittenton to pick one. Mark Wise writing for states that Crittenton loaded and cocked his own gun in retaliation to Arenas' plea. If this is indeed true, then it's a wrap for Crittenton. A suspension will not be enough and his career will be over.

Arenas, who is probably at the least suspended for the remainder of the NBA season, is facing the loss of the remaining $80 million of his contract if he's charged and convicted of gun charges. It's crazy seeing 2 young millionaires potentially losing their careers for allegedly betting in a card game. Money definitely doesn't buy brains.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jayson Williams, Not Tiger Is Biggest Downfall!

Tiger Woods hasn't been seen in public since his November accident that sent his reputation into a downward spiral. One would assume that Tiger is at least somewhere working on his putting stroke while media outlets continue to rehash the same old stories, and guessing on his whereabouts and how much money Elin will be getting in the divorce settlement. Former basketball star Jayson Williams, who once had one of those multi million dollar guaranteed contracts, and was even a NBA commentator upon his retirement due to injury had his second bout with death yesterday in New York. Williams, who it seems has pretty much lost all will to live ran his vehicle into a tree yesterday in New York, fracturing his neck. Williams, who was drinking at the time even told officers that he wasn't driving the vehicle as witnesses saw him slide into the passengers seat.

Williams' made a ton of mistakes leading up to yesterday's latest episode, the main one being shooting a limo driver in 2002 and attempting to cover it up. Whatever issues Tiger Woods may have he appears to be dealing with them in his own way outside of the limelight. Jayson Williams apparently craves for the attention that he once had, and it appears that his story is going to end sadly and tragically.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Singin' For The Money!

I guess just having money brings all sorts of people together regardless of past behaviors. Money has to be the overriding constant as Page Six reports that Beyonce' performed at a New Years Eve Party held by Moammar Khadafy's son Hannibal, and attended by the likes of Jay-Z, Usher and Lindsay Lohan. The fact that Beyonce' reportedly was paid upwards of $1 million obviously had something to do with her performing, but Hannibal has quite an interesting past if reports are true.

A week earlier on Christmas Day, Hannibal allegedly attacked his wife at a London hotel, breaking her nose. He also has other violent transgressions in his past which has to make one wonder why are people hanging with this guy and taking his money for performances. It has to be the money, and hopefully it's worth it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Fall of Dominic Carter!

Dominic Carter was once on the top of the world as a political reporter for NY1 until his life changed forever on October 22, 2008 when he and his wife Marilyn got into a disagreement at their home over medical care for their son. One thing lead to another and Marilyn called 911 stating that Dominic hit her several times in the face and all over her body. That call set Dominic's world into a downward spiral. Over a year after the incident, November 20, 2009, Dominic was found guilty of misdemeanor assault and now faces 3 months in prison. He also lost his job at the television station and possibly faces losing the family home.

Carter, who is 45 is trying to put his life back together, but having a criminal record may make that difficult. Perhaps he should place a call to Kwame Kilpatrick. Thanks to the New York Post for the update.