Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama's Poll Numbers Slipping!

The New York Daily News highlights President Barack Obama's dwindling poll numbers which now hover around the 50% mark in some polls. Rising unemployment and uneasiness about national health care adding to the rising deficit are creating issues for our president. Unemployment will take care of itself hopefully over time, but with over 80% of Americans apparently satisfied with their health care options, the question may have to be asked do Americans really think we need reform at the present time, or to the extent that the President is proposing.

Obama appears to be unwavering on health care, and while he's gotten the proposal further than Bill Clinton ever did, Clinton was smart enough to back off when he saw that he didn't have the support. If unemployment wasn't nearly 10%, health care may be getting more support, but I'm guessing given the option most people would prefer to have a job that at least offers some form of health care even if they have to contribute to the cost.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Update!

Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal Constitution provides an update for last nights "Real Housewives of Atlanta" episode. The ending continued with the "ghettoizing" of Reality TV with NeNe and Sheree double teaming Kim, and taking the feud outside of a restaurant. Many portions of this year's show seem clearly scripted, although watching Lisa Hartwell decide whether to have a another baby and watching Kandi Burruss working in the studio with Jazze Pha and addressing her mother's issues with her relationship appear to be very real and honest.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chris Brown Sentencing Delayed, Judge Wants Prood of Hard Labor!

Singer Chris Brown's sentencing was delayed until August 27 because the judge wants proof that Brown is going to be outside picking up trash and cleaning up graffiti according to the New York Daily News. So Rihanna's request to lift restrictions on Brown's restraining order will be delayed as well.

The Branding of Michael Jackson!

The Los Angeles Times updates us on the branding of deceased pop icon Michael Jackson. In a court filing last week, executors of Jackson's estate, John McClain and John McClain have entered into agreements that will potentially generate tens of millions of dollars to the estate. A brief breakdown of the branding of Jackson is listed below:

Terms of the various deals are laid out in a redacted 500-page-plus court filing that was made public Tuesday, detailing proposals for embossed wine decanters, virtual tattoos and a high-end clothing line all bearing the Jackson brand.

The documents also reveal that Columbia Pictures paid AEG $60 million for the rights to make a feature-length movie out of rehearsal footage for Jackson's This Is It concerts in London -- hundreds of hours of high-definition video shot in the days before the superstar's death in June.

A final cut of the film must be screened for representatives of his estate no later than Oct. 2, must be rated PG and cannot include material that "presents Michael Jackson in a negative light," the contract says. There are plans for a movie soundtrack as well as a director's cut DVD and two special editions of the film after its theatrical run.

I guess it's true what they say, some people truly are worth more dead than alive. Unfortunately in Jackson's case, the statement appears to be true, although I'm sure his family wishes they could've saved him from an untimely death.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

20 Year-Old Man Arrested In Murder of Boxer Vernon Forrest!

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that 20 year-old Damario Ware turned himself into police on Tuesday and is being charged with the murder of boxer Vernon Forrest. Ware was already out on bond stemming from a March arrest. The Forrest killing continues a sad and continued trend of black on black crime. This killing is front and center because of Forrest's celebrity, but this violence takes place everyday in our communities.

Paula Abdul Not Returning To American Idol!

I wonder if Paula Abdul really didn't see this one coming. All parties involved announced yesterday that Abdul will not be returning for the upcoming season. She's leaving the show after 8 seasons. Although I stopped watching the show about 3 seasons ago, I could've told Abdul that once they brought in Kara DioGuardi, that the hand writing was on the wall, and that her time on the show would be short lived. American Idol still draws massive viewer numbers, but many of the winners aren't showing that they will stand the test of time in the music industry. Previous winner Daughtry's recent CD debuted with 269,000 CD's sold, but Jordin Sparks' CD released last week only sold 48,000 copies. The show probably is more viable now for the entertainment value instead of the talent that's being produced.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yes, A "Sopranos" Movie!

One of the great TV shows of all time has a shot to become a full length movie. The New York Daily News reports that series creator David Chase is presently developing a script, but that series star James Gandolfini is reluctant to sign on unless the script is right. Here's hoping that Tony and the gang are coming to a theatre near all of us very soon.

Is Rihanna Secretly Seeing Chris Brown?

The New York Post Page Six reports that Rihanna was recently seen eating ice cream with Steve Stoute who is the man behind branding Chris Brown and putting his music into commercials for Wrigley's gum. The meeting could be a coincidence, but friends are convinced that Rihanna is seeing Brown on the sly. Time will tell.

Did NeNe Choke Kim?

The Atlanta Constitution reports that a police report has surfaced in which "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member Kim Zolciak alleges that fellow cast member and former friend NeNe Leakes choked her during an altercation on April 15 during filming. The incident was witnessed by 2 people who confirm the Kim's version of events. Zolciak was advised to file a warrant for Leakes arrest, but it doesn't appear that this was ever done. There's nothing like drama on a reality TV show.

Michael Vick To Attend Humane Society Event!

The Atlanta Constitution reports that recently reinstated NFL quarterback Michael Vick will be attending a Humane Society Event in Atlanta this weekend. Vick, who has yet to be signed by a team since his reinstatement, hopefully is on his way back to showing prospective employers that he's a changed man. If he does attend this event, it will definitely be a step in the right direction.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Can We Save Our Students?

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on the sad story of Christina Waters, 18, who was shot in the head after leaving a picnic on July 25th. Waters' best friend, Kris Owens, was also wounded in the attack, and now Waters remains in a coma fighting for her life. Waters attended Ariel Community Academy, which had been part of an educational initiative headed by U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan before he became Chicago Public Schools CEO. Duncan laments about the safety issues that students face, while trying to get a education, but returning to neighborhoods that are simply more prone to violence.

While our public education systems throughout the country continue to be in turmoil. We can't forget the danger that our students face simply trying to live day to day.

Tax Increase For The Middle Class?

Treasury Secretary Kenneth Geithner would not rule out tax increases for the middle class, while National Economic Council Director Larry Summers admitted that the proposed health care plan will need funding from somewhere, while both were making the rounds on the television talk show circuit yesterday.

President Obama vowed while campaigning that we would not see any increases in taxes on the middle class. With a growing budget deficit, and a pending health care overhaul, it looks like there aren't many options except to raise taxes. I really want to see how President Obama spins a tax increase with a health care plan that he repeatedly has said would not impact taxes on the middle class.