Friday, September 11, 2009

La Toya Talks MJ With Barbara Walters!

La Toya Jackson sits down with Barbara Walters and talks about her late brother Michael in an interview that will be broadcast tonight on "20/20." La Toya describes how MJ was dressed and made up as he was finally laid to rest last week. La Toya along with Jermaine are the Jackson siblings who never met a microphone that they didn't like, so I'm sure the interview will be lively.

The Jordan Legacy!

Michael Jeffrey Jordan takes his place among the other NBA greats tonight when he will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Jordan's legacy is secure as simply the greatest basketball player of all time, and for me it's not even an argument. He's arguably the greatest athlete of all time, with perhaps Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods providing argument in that conversation.

Jordan made it cool to be bald again, he always dressed impeccably when doing after game press conferences, and hopefully set an example of how a black man should carry himself in a professional setting. While the black male continues to struggle with an identity crisis in our society in some cases, Jordan's will to win and competitiveness are attributes that would set anyone on a positive path towards success. Jordan is simply the standard in which all basketball players are measured, and the Chicago Tribune offers a special report on "His Airness."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ludacris Gives Away 20 Cars To Those In Need!

The hip-hop community is fast to be criticized for doing the wrong thing, but rapper/actor Ludacris took time out to help 20 people in need by giving away 20 used cars at a Morrow, GA car dealership near Atlanta on Sunday. Recipients of the cars had to write an essay to Ludaris' foundation explaining their need for the car, which comes with 30 days of free gas. While recipients are responsible for taxes, registration and insurance for the cars, Ludacris did remove the burden of having a car payment to the lucky winners. Thanks to the New York Daily News for showing "Luda" some love.

Jordan Chooses Thompson To Present Him To Hall Of Fame!

Michael Jordan will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday. He could have chosen anyone from Dean Smith to Phil Jackson to present him to the esteemed group, but instead he went will a fellow North Carolinian, who he idolized as a kid, David Thompson.

In case most people don't know Thompson is in the Hall of Fame, and was nicknamed "Skywalker" because of his 48 inch vertical leap. It was rumored that Thompson could snatch a quarter off the top of the backboard at one time. Thompson played college ball at North Carolina State, then played with the Denver Nuggets first in the ABA, the NBA when the league's merged. I've included footage of Thompson's top 10 plays for all of you to feast your eyes on, he was truly great, although injuries and drugs derailed his career at the end.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones Finally Resigns!

It's not a good sign when your "Green Czar's" most controversial comments can be Googled for the world to see and hear and really not a good sign when the White House didn't give Van Jones a vote of confidence this week. Very quietly, Van Jones resigned from his position with the Obama administration this morning.

Jones had come under fire from Republicans and talk show host Glenn Beck for his comments from calling George Bush an unflattering name to his name appearing on a 9/11 petition questioning whether high level government officials had allowed the attacks to happen.

President Obama erred in a major way on the appointment of Jones, and even with his resignation, conservative pundits will be armed with more ammunition to challenge Obama's true views as they see them. The other interesting part of this story is that the mainstream media really didn't cover the Jones' story until this weekend. The best thing for the President to do would be to compromise on health care reform, even if it's watered down, get it passed and move on with running the country.