Saturday, May 31, 2008

CNN is Reporting That Barack Obama Has Resigned From Trinity United

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Discuss the Making of "Tender Love"

James Harris III and Terry Lewis are better known as Jam and Lewis in music production circles. They're simply the best contemporary music production team of the past 25 years. They laid the path for LA and Face, Teddy Riley, The Neptunes and even Stargate in the present. Young people watch how they conduct themselves in an interview. They personify Class!!!!!!!!!!

Former NBA Great Running for Mayor of Sacramento, CA

Many may not be aware that former NBA Great Kevin Johnson is running for mayor of Sacramento, CA. K.J. was born and raised in Sacramento, and turned his former high school into a Charter School, and has also brought new businesses into the community. He has, however, been plagued by allegations of inappropriate relationships with young girls. This is a brief clip from a recent debate.

Obama's Other Pastor Problem?

Father Michael Pfleger preaching at Trinity United last Sunday. Are these people trying to sabotage Barack's campaign? With friends like these, who needs enemies!!!!!!!!

Keyshia Cole's "Heaven Sent" Video

With apologies to Beyonce, who is at another level, Keyshia Cole is a true R&B superstar. She hasn't yet shown the crossover appeal of Beyonce, but in the hierarchy of young singers, she's a clear number 2. Her latest CD, "Just Like You" is now 4 singles deep and she could easily release at least 2 more singles. Keyshia has the drive and tenacity that creates superstars.

R. Kelly Trial

This is a link to the daily drama of the R. Kelly trial. It's amazing how it's taken 5 years to go to trial, and how we give our athletes, entertainers and politicians a free pass.........

15 Years for Dealing Crack Cocaine

The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 established the mandatory minimum drug sentences that remain in effect today. It imposed a five-year mandatory prison term for first-time trafficking of five or more grams of crack or 500 grams of powder, and a 10-year mandatory minimum for first-time trafficking of 50 grams of crack or five kilos of powder. In drug policy circles, this is known as the "100-to-1 drug quantity ratio," and it has hit African Americans hardest because they are more likely to live in the neighborhoods where crack cocaine is used and sold, even though, in absolute numbers, most crack users are white. In 2006, 82 percent of crack offenders sentenced under federal law were African American, according to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, an independent agency set up to develop a national sentencing policy for the federal courts. Michael Short was hit with this sentence. Was it to stiff? Crack has killed many in our community........Good read

Rise and Fall of Kwame Kilpatrick

It's sad when our major politicians take a fall. Kwame Kilpatrick's saga to a large degree has gone unnoticed nationally, but it has all of the elements of intrigue for a best selling novel. Kilpatrick still fighting to keep his job as mayor of Detroit, while his former chief of staff and mistress Christine Beatty resigned a few months ago because of the text messaging scandal. Just the fact that the scandal cost the city 9 million dollars because of an alleged cover up is unnerving. Read more............

Barack Criticized for Advice to Graduates

Barack Obama criticized for advise to college graduates. Obama's stressing giving back with service instead of going for your dreams. Is he trying to shape all of the graduates in his own image? Is this a valid critique of our would be President?

Philly's Homeless Problem

A 3 part series on the Homeless Issue in the City of Brotherly Love. We all know that this issue applies to every Urban Area in the United States. Mayor Nutter is at least taking steps to try to improve a bad situation.

50 Cent's Long Island home In Flames

50 Cent's 2.4 Million Dollar mansion Went Up in Flames Today.............

Fight at Stephenson High School in Stone Moutain, GA

A scary scene at Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, GA. A student and teacher fighting. Can we really all just get along!!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ushering In the "Bad" Phase of a Career

Usher Raymond is the most prolific singer of his generation, released the follow up to 2002's Confessions on May 29th, titled "Here I Stand". Confessions, which sold nearly 10 million Cd's in the U.S., is probably the best mainstream R&B CD of this decade, and quite simply a masterpiece. Led of by the Lil John influenced "Yeah", to the usual collaborations with Jermaine Dupri, Confessions was an unparalleled Pop and R&B production. Only Justin Timberlake's recent CD can really go head to head with it, and I would give Usher a slight edge. Unlike Timberlake, who seems to not be missing a beat as he heads into legend hood, Usher seems to have hit a bump in the road. The first single from "Here I Stand" was the Polow Da Don produced, "Love In The Club" went #1 on the Billboard charts, but lacked the buzz or OOMPH of "Yeah".
I just watched a replay of Usher performing recently on Saturday Night Live, and he seemed to be just going through the motions (similar to Janet Jackson these days). Michael Jackson didn't totally go into "going through the motion" mode after "Thriller", but with "Bad" and subsequent releases and performances, something just wasn't the same. Pure singers rarely hit this phase from a performance standpoint (Prince is in a different category altogether) even if their records aren't selling. Patti, Aretha, Jill, Badu come to mind. Luther never hit the "motions" phase due to a once in a lifetime voice. Combination singers and dancers seem to hit the wall more often than not for some reason, perhaps just to a wearing on the body, although after seeing Madonna's latest video, "4 Minutes", she seems to be rejuvenated at the age of 49, so all is not lost.
Usher is in transition on a number of fronts: a new wife and child; new management; and the loss of his mentor Antonio "LA" Reid helming his project for the first time in his career. I've listened to the new CD, and it's very average. The good thing about Ushering in the "Bad" phase of a Career is that Usher is young enough to regain the fire that's made him the preeminent performer of his generation.

Why We Need Barack Obama

Barack Obama is attempting to become the first African American President of the United States of America. Will he lower gas prices back down to $2.00 a gallon? Will he curb black on black crime? Will he immediately improve our public educational system? Will he make black males suddenly become majority heads of households? The answer to these questions is an emphatic NO! Obama's idealistic campaign motto of "Yes We Can" gives all of us chills when we hear the words. However, our reality is still that we make less than the majority on average; have far less net worth; have higher divorce rates, and we continue to populate jails at a rate higher than any race.

We need Barack Obama as president to show all of us that anything is indeed possible if we focus our attention on a quality education, make sound decisions, display discipline and work hard. The latter qualities are usually attributed to athletes and entertainers, which we typically admire, but Barack Obama is showing us that if we apply these attributes to our goals and dreams that it may be possible for "regular folk" to overcome all of the obstacles that pervade our community.

Barack Obama is running an unparallelled campaign. Regardless of the outcome let's use his positive attributes to guide us to make all of our dreams a reality and to stay true to the "Yes We Can" motto.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'd like to introduce everyone to, which will include news and commentary related to African Americans. We will focus on social issues, politics, sports and entertainment with the hope of creating a constructive dialogue amongst us. I'd like to leave you with a few things to ponder:
What If:
  • Barack Obama has left Trinity Church after 10 years?
  • Our Inner City School systems were really efficient and effective?
  • Inner City teachers could really teach without fear of violence?
  • Our prominent African American leaders hadn't become millionaires on our backs? would they have the fire that Malcolm and Martin had in the 60s?

Next Moves:

  • Hillary's next move!
  • Mayors of Philly and Chicago. What's the plan to stop the violence?
  • Will Michael Jackson ever perform again before a live audience?
  • Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!!! We need another hit.
  • Janet!!! Same thing.

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Is Whoopi Goldberg becoming more relevant than Oprah in her second career?
  • What are the jurors at the R. Kelly trial really thinking?
  • Can we now call Keyshia Cole a superstar after 2 double platinum cds and a successful reality show?
  • Why was Jill Scott's last cd not at least platinum?
  • If Tupac were alive, what would he say about the state of hip hop?
  • Can Whitney really come back?
  • Do black people really need welfare?
  • Is Beyonce the greatest female performer of all time?
  • Can Usher top Confessions?
  • When will black people admit that mental illness is a disease and not something that can be ignored. Is this our "silent killer"?

I look forward to sharing news and commnetary with all of you, and look forward to your comments. Let's Change the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!