Friday, August 20, 2010

Chris Brown "Deuces"

While he may never have the career that he could've had before the Rihanna incident, Chris Brown is moving along with his career. His movie "Takers" debuts next week, and he has what I believe is the hottest R&B song out right now with "Deuces". Brown is all tatted up now and clearly has an edge to his music, which seems to have an "I don't care what you think about me" edge to it.

Admittedly I've stated that Brown's career is effectively over compared to where he was headed, which was all time great status in my opinion. However, "Deuces" shows that he will remain a viable artist capable of still producing great music.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dr. Laura Can Settle Into Oblivion!

I hadn't heard from Dr. Laura Schlellinger for years until last week when she felt comfortable enough to say the N-word 11 times while giving advice to a caller on her syndicated radio show. Now Schlellinger has announced that she's not renewing her contract because she wants to regain her First Amendment Rights.

Dr. Laura is one of the few people who can come under fire for making crazy statements or giving senseless advice and walk away from her job. She has the right to say what she wants, but sponsors have the right to pull ads from her show in opposition. Dr. Laura now can take her advice and give it to anyone who really cares, and settle back into oblivion.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Philly Public Housing Director Has A Storm Over His Head!

Philadelphia Public Housing Executive Director Carl Greene has had a cloud over his head since revelations came out that he's facing foreclosure on his $615,000 condo in Philly in which he owes $387,000 and recently paid a $52,000 tax lien in March of this year. Greene presently makes over $300,000 per year and is eligible for bonuses. Yesterday it was disclosed that Greene had a sexual harassment claim filed against him earlier this year according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Compounding Greene's issues is the fact that he has not been heard from since the controversies began surfacing and will not be in the office today either. By all accounts Greene has done a credible job as head of Philadelphia's Public Housing, but going underground is not helping his case, especially when former Mayor John Street is on the housing board and Greene's not even responding to his requests for explanations.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mr. President You Can't Comment On Everything!

President Barack Obama is a very smart man, but it's becoming clearer that he's simply not politically savvy. He continues to have an opinion on anything and everything when he doesn't have to say a word. His opinion regarding the Ground Zero mosque was stated in a speech Friday night that came out of nowhere, and has created another firestorm.

President Obama doesn't have to state his opinion on everything as his statements are often divisive which brings unnecessary attention to himself. I'm sure his intentions are good, but unfortunately he's not helping himself or his party.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lance Stephenson Arrested!

Former New York basketball phenom Lance Stephenson was arrested yesterday for allegedly pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs according to the New York Post. Jasmine Williams, the mother of Stephenson's child told police that she was pushed down 10 steps and hit her head. Stephenson was charged with 2 counts of assault amongst other charges.

Lance Stephenson was a second round pick of the Indiana Pacers after playing one year of college ball at the University of Cincinnati. He has a 2 year contract which guarantees him about $1.5 million in salary. Stephenson has had previous issues with females as he plead guilty to groping a 17 year-old female while in high school last year. His pro career could get derailed before it gets started with this latest transgression. Larry Bird is a no nonsense team president for the Pacers so I'm sure he'll be monitoring these charges pretty closely. Tears aren't needed for Stephenson, but he could become just another statistic who blew a great opportunity.