Friday, March 27, 2009

When Getting High Is A Bad Idea!

In this economic environment it's tough for many to keep their heads above water. Imagine being a successful entertainer, who has plenty of money, but the love of pot has clouded your senses to the point that you allow your vehicle to be repossessed due to owing back taxes. Rapper Method Man admits to being a pothead and tells the New York Daily News, “Myself, I’m a pothead,” he said on the set of a video shoot for his new album, “Blackout 2,” with Redman. “It’s no secret. Everyone knows that. I go on the road and forget everything else. Sure, [the tax department] sent letters to my house saying, ‘We need this money.’ They started sending them in 2002.

Method Man admits that he has checks at the house that haven't been opened worth significant amounts of money. Must be nice to be in that situation. This is a situation where you have to at least respect his honesty.

Keri's Perfect World!

Imagine being only 26 years old and already having writing credits for some of the biggest songs produced in the last few years. Now as of this past Tuesday, you've released your debut cd and it's expected to debut in the top 5 on the album charts.

Well Keri Hilson can claim credit for all of the above as her new cd "In A Perfect World" was just released. Led by the current single "Turnin' Me On" Ms. Hilson is steaming up the charts. Not bad for a young lady who hails from Decatur, Georgia, and once attended Emory University. She's a strong role model for young women looking to take control of their destiny.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

R.I.P. John Hope Franklin!

Black historian pioneer John Hope Franklin died Wednesday of congestive heart failure at Duke University, he was 94. Franklin is considered one of he great scholars of the black experience and contributed research to the Thurgood Marshall legal team with Brown v. Board of Education, the 1954 case that barred the doctrine of "separate but equal" in the nation's public schools.

Franklin's other accomplishments included: being the first black department chair at a predominantly white institution, Brooklyn College; the first black professor to hold an endowed chair at Duke; and the first black president of the American Historical Association. We owe an eternal debt to Mr. Franklin.

Rough Times And Good Times!

Actor Isaiah Washington reportedly is facing eviction from his home after not paying a $20,000/month rent obligation for 5 months. If Mr. Washington can't come up with the $100,000, he does have a bit of good news as he's signed on to play singer Lou Rawls in a controversial movie co-penned by Rawls' son which will focus on the dark side of the famous singer's life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Little Tense!

President Barack Obama gave another prime time press conference touting his budget as he drives to get the economy out of the doldrums. Although it appears that the press corps were preselected to answer questions, they didn't go light on our new president. President Obama got very testy with a CNN reporter who asked him twice about the slow response to the AIG bonus debacle. The president responded curtly "Well, it took us a couple of days because I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak," and quickly moved on to the next question.

Many pundits described President Obama as appearing tired, but I thought he was on his game in responding to questions. His biggest challenge now is persuasiveness. He'll have a major hurdle in selling the excessive spending budget to Washington and the American people if we're not convinced it's really going to result in millions of jobs being created. It's really hard to imagine that with all of the layoffs that companies will turn around and rehire workers because billions of dollars are being pumped into the economy, especially if the specific industry isn't being directly impacted by the cash infusion.

Beyonce In Her Sixties!

While it may be difficult to envision today's entertainers older and wiser. The New York Daily News projects what today's stars may look like as they advance in age. I guess it's true that nothing stays the same.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Putting Vick Back Together!

Attorney Daniel Meachum has apparently taken over the lead in assisting Michael Vick in putting the pieces of his life back together. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Meachum has signed an exclusive 3 year contract to represent Vick and he made the following comment:

“My concern is helping Michael get back to his family and surround him with people like Julius Erving, Tony Dungy and Bishop T. D. Jakes. We need people around him who can help him and his family get back on the right track. I’m more interested in that than anything else.”

Vick could be released to a halfway house as early as late May. Hopefully Meachum will steer him in the right direction as he works to reclaim his life as a productive citizen.

Coming Back Home!

Bernard Hopkins is now 44, retired from boxing and living the good life in Delaware. He's now far from the mean streets of Philadelphia that he called home as a youngster. Hopkins went to prison at 18, got out 56 months later and was able to turn his life around to become a legendary boxer. He still ventures back to the rough streets of his childhood to give back and talk to the folks who perhaps don't have any hope of escaping. The Philadelphia Inquirer profiles Hopkins who gives this advice to youngsters:

"Everybody can't box their way out or dribble a ball," Hopkins said. "That's already been established. I'm not saying they shouldn't try, but I think if you get all the education you can get, you got a better chance of getting a good job and establishing a situation than making it in boxing.

"With me, it was something different and unusual. I didn't have an education, but my athleticism and my winning ways got me there. Then I had to think quickly, and I learned quickly, and I was fortunate. But it's not a path I would suggest to a known enemy."

Hopkins still has an apartment in Philly, and still gets his hair cut in the city, so he's never ventured too far away. His primary focus now is promoting fights as a means of income. He says that he's saved and invested conservatively so hopefully he can continue to give advice to the youngsters from his old neighborhood and give them hope for a better life, while leading by example.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Is It Time For Him To Realize That He's Running The Country?

President Barack Obama finished the most hectic week of his presidency by appearing on "60 Minutes" last evening. During the week while dealing with the AIG bonus fiasco, the POTUS also appeared on "The Tonight Show" and ESPN touting his NCAA college basketball bracket. Mike Lupica who is a fan of the president, writes in the New York Daily News that our president should realize that this isn't a popularity contest and that the campaign is over. President Obama is facing the daunting challenge of turning around an economic catastrophe. I'm not ready to say that he's falling asleep at the wheel, but he's putting a lot of trust in a few people who appear to be. Perhaps he just needs show up on television a little less, and make sure the wheel is being steered.

A Father Weeps As His Son Wins A High School Championship!

Legend Michael Jordan shed a few tears Saturday night after his son, Marcus, helped lead his high school basketball team to the Class 4A title in Illinois. The younger Jordan scored 19 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. I'm sure the elder Jordan is just as proud of his son's championship as he is of any of the 7 that he garnered between college and the pros.

Frank Ski Foundation Honors Students!

It's always good to see celebrities giving back within our community. Atlanta radio personality Frank Ski is using his foundation to constantly help those in need. Franks' wife, Tanya, hosted an awards ceremony at their home over the weekend to honor six Clayton County, Georgia high school students, recognizing them for leadership and academics. The students were given goodie-bags that included a $1,000 college scholarship, and R&B singer Monica attended the ceremony giving the recipients word of wisdom. Thanks to the Atlanta Journal Constitution for the article.