Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bloomberg Giving Obama A Pass On Raising Taxes!

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave President Barack Obama a pass on potentially raising taxes on the middle class today on "Meet The Press". Bloomberg stated:

"The president has to deal with the reality, and some of the things are beyond his control," Bloomberg said. "He makes commitments and he tries to live up to them, and I think the courage of being able to say, 'Look, the world is different than I anticipated or what it was before, and I'm going to have to face that,' it's fine."

If President Obama is going to indeed raise taxes on the middle class it would be smart to do it within the next year. It would give him 2 years to deal with the heat and economic recovery. Bottom line is that health care reform will probably result in increased taxes for the middle class despite White House denials. Thanks to the New York Daily News for the article.

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