Friday, April 17, 2009

Detroit Couple Gets Prison For Trying To Grill 2 Year-Old Son's Body!

Some stories are too grisly to believe, but this one has to be at the top of the list. Joesph Miller and Nickella Reid were both sentenced to prison this week for attempting to cremate their 2 year-old son's body on a grill, while continuing to collect welfare benefits for the child. Nothing more needs to be said. Thanks to the Detroit Free Press for the story.

Dr. J Finally Making Amends With His Daughter Alexandra!

Julius "Dr. J" Erving possessed perhaps some of the greatest physical skills ever given to a human being as he tantalized legions of fans during his Hall of Fame basketball career. In retirement he's still considered an ambassador to the sport and his colleagues still look at him with reverence. During his career, while he dazzled us all with his acrobatics, and portrayed himself as the consummate family man, Erving has acknowledged now that he had some bumps in the road as many of us do.

The story of Julius Erving and his daughter Alexandra Stevenson has been well chronicled by now, but in short Stevenson, now 28 was conceived by Erving and Alexandra's mother Samantha out of wedlock, and Erving didn't meet her in person until last year. Alexandra, gained notoriety in 1999, when she reached the semifinals of Wimbledon, and due to the uncanny resemblance, the whispers began to be heard that she was Erving's biological daughter. Living in the public eye, brings with it unwanted cameras into personal lives, and Erving initially denied being her father, before finally acknowledging the truth.

Julius Erving finally was able to see his daughter play tennis in person this past week, and although she lost her match, it was another step in the developing relationship between father and daughter. Obviously 27 years of time cannot be recaptured, but Erving, now 59, is attempting to make amends with his daughter for the time that's been lost. Hopefully time will be on their side, and they'll have many years to forge a loving father/daughter bond.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is This Really About Taxes Or President Obama?

It's amazing that President George Bush was allowed to spend like crazy, and conservatives never complained or thought that he was a socialist. President Barack Obama has been in office less than 100 days, and yesterday conservatives held Tea Parties all over the country protesting Obama's policies. I guess conservatives don't realize that people would be OK with paying higher taxes as long as they have jobs to go to everyday. While I don't necessarily agree with all of President Obama's policies concerning spending, he's trying to jump start an economy that has been on life support. Just seems to me that the intent of these protests may be a little deeper than what we're seeing.

Iverson Not Banned By Casinos!

Allen Iverson is known for his petulance, and it was being reported yesterday that he had been banned by 2 local Detroit casinos because of his behavior. Spokesmen for the casinos insisted that the NBA player hasn't been banned, but clearly Iverson hasn't found anything productive to do since his season has ended due to injury and unhappiness with his role on the Detroit Pistons.

Jamie Foxx Apologizes!

This is old news by now, but just following up on my post from yesterday, Jamie Foxx did apologize on the "Tonight" show on Tuesday night for his comments about Miley Cyrus. Jamie called his "Foxxhole" show the "Black Howard Stern" and stated that he didn't want to lose his comedic license. Jamie ain't no fool.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bob Johnson's Losing Proposition?

The Charlotte Observer reports that Charlotte Bobcats owner Bob Johnson recently went to his managing partners requesting a cash call of $28 million and the request was denied. The Bobcats are estimated to lose roughly $35 million over the next two years, and with an inferior basketball team, those fortunes probably won't improve in the foreseeable future. Despite having Michael Jordan running the team and Larry Brown as the coach, while the Bobcats are having their best season, the product is still bad by elite NBA team standards.

All parties involved will have to have patience with this business endeavor, but I hear Mr. Johnson hates to lose money, which is probably why he's a billionaire.

Mary Mitchell's Breast Cancer Battle!

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell, who writes about "our racial divide" is writing today about her battle with breast cancer in her most recent column. Mary points out that the cancer has been detected in it's early stages, which dramatically improves her survival chances. She also stresses that the disease inflicts African-American women at a higher rate than women of other races, and that because of the lack of quality health care and annual mammograms many times the disease is discovered in it's later stages for our women.

African-American women, please get annual mammogram check ups. Mary, who is 60 states that the average age of detection is 61.

Was This Jamie Foxx's Stupid Moment?

Jamie Foxx has a hit cd, and potential Oscar nominated performance in his new movie "The Soloist" and he goes and doggs Miley Cyrus for her dissing of Radiohead. The Los Angeles Times' Dish Rag reports that Foxx and his buddies went straight to the gutter on Ms. Cyrus, "on his satellite show "The Foxxhole":

After discussing her diss of Radiohead, Foxx and his pals in the studio are heard criticizing Cyrus' physical appearance (her gums, in particular) and making other unkind comments directed at her, including suggestions that she should "make a sex tape and grow up," do heroin, smoke crack and catch a sexually transmitted disease from a bicycle seat.

I guess Jamie forgot that he has a daughter not much younger that the 16 year-old Cyrus.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Isiah Thomas To Be Named FIU Basketball Coach

I'm always fascinated about the psyche of the most successful people, especially what keeps them going when tough times arise. Isiah Thomas, has had more success than one can imagine in his life: College and Professional championships; Hall of Fame basketball career and countless other accolades. However the last few years have been pretty rough on Mr. Thomas, specifically his tenure with the New York Knicks of the NBA. Isiah's failure with the Knicks can almost be seen as catastrophic, but "Zeke" is apparently ready to rise above the recent misfortunes and will be named head basketball coach at Florida International University according to the Miami Herald.

If this story is true, Isiah will be taking on a major challenge, as the team had a record of 13-20 last year. Good to see Isiah getting up and resuming his career in basketball.

Lil' Kim Beginning To Dominate "Dancing With The Stars"!

I must admit that I no longer watch this show, but rapper Lil' Kim apparently is beginning to find a niche on "Dancing With The Stars". Last night she garnered the top spot with 28 out of 30 points from the judges, and has received standing ovations the past few weeks. Good to see the diminutive rapper having a good time and excelling at dancing, instead of being the butt of jokes for her changed appearance.

Is Bobby Brown In Need Of Money?

The New York Daily News reports that R&B bad boy Bobby Brown was dining with his kids at an upper East Side pizzeria when he realized that he didn't have enough money to pay the bill. Bobby apparently came up short at the ATM as well and reportedly called his manager screaming ‘Where the f— is all my money?’ I remember reading that when he was at his peak Bobby went through about $20 million in a few years. Unfortunately this is money that he can never recover.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Philly Killings Continue! reports that two woman were killed over the weekend in separate incidents. One of the females was shot inside her home, while the other was stabbed. When will the madness end?

Has Chris Moved On?

The New York Daily News reports that singer Chris Brown apparently has moved on to a new/old girlfriend in an effort to move past his tumultuous relationship with Rihanna, which has left him facing felony charges. Brown was spotted leaving a tattoo parlor on Sunset Blvd. over the weekend with old flame Erica Jackson. Rihanna's reps report that she'll be "pissed" that Chis has moved on, but if true, it's probably best for all parties involved.

President Obama Did The Right Thing!

Thankfully Captain Richard Phillips was rescued yesterday as Navy Seal snipers gunned down 3 Somali pirates, sensing that Phillips was in "imminent danger" ending a 5 day standoff. President Obama personally authorized the rescue effort, which hopefully sent a message to the world that we not be held hostage by rogue pirates.