Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is The Fame Really Worth It?

Before signing on to "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Lisa Wu Hartwell was the unknown wife of NFL journeyman Ed Hartwell. The first season of the show saw the couple enjoying their sprawling mansion in an Atlanta suburb. Season 2, which is 2 episodes old has seen the couple getting romantic in that sprawling mansion convincing everyone watching that all was well in the world of the Hartwell's.

In America there is a fascination with the rich and famous, especially when hard times hit. Well the Hartwell's apparently have hit a rough spot as their home that was purchased in 2005 for $2.9 million, was sold in foreclosure last week for $1.9 million. Wu Hartwell told the Atlanta Journal Constitution “Why throw around $30,000 a month and wait for the market to come back if it comes back?” While the couple has apparently moved into another home that they own that sits on 10 acres, hopefully they can handle when fame and misfortune collide into national headlines.

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