Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kings Retire Webber's Number!

Former NBA star Chris Webber had his jersey retired by the team where he had his most success the Sacramento Kings last night at the Arco Arena in Sacramento. Webber was flanked by former teammates Vlade Divac, Mateen Cleaves and Doug Christie as they celebrated his 6 1/2 seasons with the team. Webber never brought the team a championship, but he did help provide the franchise with is longest run of sustained success. C-Webb will probably never be a Hall of Famer, and never fully lived up to his vast potential because of injuries, but he gave the fans of Sactown memories that will last forever. Thanks to the Sacramento Bee for the link.

End Of Rent For Katrina Victims!

The Times-Picayune reports that nearly 15,000 New Orleans area residents who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina will lose a rent subsidy provided by The federal Disaster Housing Assistance Program, known as DHAP. The program was discontinued by federal officials on President Bush's last day. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La is pushing for a one year extension of the program and recently wrote to President Barack Obama: "It would be remiss of the federal government to infuse hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy . . . while we terminate a program housing more than 30,000 people in a region struggling to restore its affordable housing stock."

Surely a few million dollars can be found to assist residents that were displaced by the worst hurricane in recent memory.

Job Losses In Philly!

Yesterday, it was announced that the nation lost an additional 598,000 jobs. The losses are coming from all sectors, and hitting hard amongst all demographic areas. The Philadelphia Inquirer profiles the economic impact of job losses in Philadelphia. John Hobbs, 57 recently lost his manufacturing job, and is debating how to cover his health insurance of $800 on an unemployment check of $241 a week. Deborah Jackson-Smith went from 3 part time jobs to none, and is trying to save her home from foreclosure.

Well I guess help is on the way with an agreement being reached on a ridiculously sounding $827 billion stimulus package. By contrast, 16 years ago, then President Bill Clinton's stimulus package was $35 billion. Now, that's super inflation! I sure hope that our elected officials with whom we've put our trust in know what they're doing, and that Hobbs and Jackson-Smith both benefit from the future stimuli coming from our government.

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story"

Cable channel TNT will debut the movie "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story" tomorrow night profiling the life of neurosurgeon Ben Carson. Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. portrays Carson, and Kimberly Elise portrays Carson's mother in the movie. The Baltimore Sun conducts an interview with Carson and Gooding Jr. about the making of the movie. This film should be a must see movie for all black males as Carson overcame all of the odds to become a world renowned surgeon.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Black History Month Means?

La Shawn Barber is a conservative blogger who was profiled in the Los Angeles Times regarding Black History Month. This is what Barber had to say to the paper:

"Somewhere along the way, liberals came to treat diversity as a god, bowing down before it at the altar in worship. It's become this all-consuming and exalted thing, one that trumps fairness and equal treatment. To liberals, the idea of diversity is superficial. They're obsessed with making sure enough people of this skin color are represented or a certain number of people of that cultural background are recognized. In fact, colleges and universities across the country openly discriminate under so-called affirmative action policies in order to collect more brown faces on campus for the sake of skin deep-only diversity.There is nothing wrong with encouraging people to recognize and appreciate different backgrounds and cultures. But when people focus on nothing else but those differences, it divides us. Race relations will not improve in this country unless people learn to see what unites us, not what separates us."

I'm not sure I totally agree with Barber, but I always respect different opinions. La Shawn Barber's Corner is the name of her blog.

Singles Ladies - Spoof - (President Barack Obama)

Iman Crosson has received over 3 million hits on You Tube for this spoof of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" while impersonating President Barack Obama. He's even being profiled on "Entertainment Tonight." Crosson is an Ohio native and former waiter who was looking for a way to kick start his acting career. Looks like he may have accomplished his goal.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crime Does Pay!

The Detroit Free Press reports that newly released former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick boarded a privately chartered jet to meet his family in the Ft. Worth, Texas suburb known as Southlake. Kilpatrick, who just about ran the city of Detroit into the ground moves into a 2,800 rented house in the community with the following demographics when compared to Detroit:

• From 2005 to 2007, Southlake had an average median household income of $172,945. Detroit's average median household income was $29,109.
• The median value of owner-occupied homes in Southlake was $425,500. Detroit's median value was $89,500.
• Southlake was 74% white and 12% black. Detroit was 10% white and about 83% black.

The last time I checked, Kwame owes the city $1 million, and he's walking out of jail with Willie Gary and flying on chartered jets. I can't wait to see what Chistine Beatty has waiting for her when she leaves jail.

It's All About The Money!

President Barack Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe has snagged a seven-figure book deal about the experiences of running the most successful presidential campaign in history. "The Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama's Historic Victory" will be published by Viking next fall. I guess it's never too early to start cashing in on success, and in the end it really is all about the money.

Second-Grade Boys Passing Around Heroin At Philly School!

5 second-grade boys were passing around what they thought was candy during gym class yesterday when the gym teacher noticed the mischief, and confiscated the would be candy which was later discovered to be heroin according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Wow!

Cali Community College Campuses Strained!

The trickle down effect of the faltering economy is affecting every sector of our country. Downsizing and cutbacks have an immediate strain, and now the Los Angeles Times reports that 2 year Community Colleges in California are being pushed to the brink because enrollment is increasing due to the economic downturn. The resulting impact of the overcrowding is that many students are unable to take required classes, and earn resulting credits necessary to transfer to a 4 year school. African Americans and Latinos make up the majority of the students at the 2 year campuses.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When The Lights Go Off!

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federal program set up to assist low income families with their energy bills in this tough economy. Most people in Florida apparently aren't familiar with the program since only 20 percent of the people eligible get help from the program. The Miami Herald reports on many low income families in the Miami area failing to pay electric bills and being faced with having to pay large deposits or placing payments on auto pay in order to have their service restored by the Florida Power & Light Co.

Hopefully residents in need will utilize the programs that are available for assistance. Living a week without power as Tyletha Wright did with her 3 children is a tough, and apparently unnecessary situation.

Kobe Goes For 61!

Kobe Bean Bryant had another record night last night as he set a Madison Square Garden building record scoring 61 points as the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the New York Knicks 126-117. With the Lakers losing center Andrew Bynum for up to 3 month with a leg injury, Kobe appears to be back in super scorer mode.

Monday, February 2, 2009

When "No Snitching" Turns To Fear!

The Detroit Free Press reports that 19 year-old Ashley Taylor lived in fear for 2 years after agreeing to testify as a witness in her boss Milt Goodson's 2006 slaying. The refuge of college couldn't even save the young Taylor from the shooter's family showing up at her school and offering her $1,000 in hush money. Thankfully Ashley Taylor's testimony put the shooter away until 2026, and the killer's mother and uncle are also serving time.

Ashley Taylor did the right thing by testifying, and showed her inner strength by not succumbing to the pressure of outside influences.

Jennifer's Return!

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson returned yesterday from months of isolation after her family tragedy to give a rousing rendition of the National Anthem prior to yesterday's Super Bowl game between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers. Congrats to the Steelers and head coach Mike Tomlin for the victory, and Welcome Back Ms. Hudson.