Friday, July 10, 2009

Steve McNair Memorialized!

The Tennessean reports on Steve McNair's Memorial Service held yesterday in in Nashville, TN. McNair's wife and 2 youngest sons were amongst the mourners. Bishop Joseph Walker III, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church eulogized McNair and didn't shy away from the circumstances of McNair's death, telling the mourners:

Walker related the New Testament account of an adulterous woman whom religious leaders brought to Jesus, suggesting she be stoned for her sins. Jesus replied, "Ye without sin, cast the first stone."

"And I have come to declare from the youngest to the oldest in America and over this world, it's time to have a stone dropping service," Walker nearly shouted to rousing applause. " … Next time you write about Steve McNair, drop your stone. Next time you text somebody, drop your stone. The next time you Twitter, drop your stone."

Here's saying a special prayer for McNair's wife and sons. As salacious as the circumstances of McNair's death are, the bottom line is that he's no longer here for his family, and they will need plenty of prayers and support to move on with their lives.

Rape Reported At Home Of Harry Douglas!

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that a rape has been reported at the home of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas. Police say that Douglas is not a suspect, but the alleged assault did take place at his home, which could still place some liability on him from the victim. Below is allegedly what transpired:

The woman, who is in her 20s, called police about 5 a.m. Thursday.

She said she went to a party at Douglas’ home on Wednesday night. She got tired and fell asleep in one of the bedrooms. “She was then awoken by a male who was sexually assaulting her,” the police press release stated. “The victim fled the scene to another location where she called 911 to report what had just happened.”

The woman gave investigators the name of a possible suspect.

When investigators arrived at Douglas’ house, he told them the man they were looking for had left. The crime scene unit processed the scene for evidence.

Douglas needs to be more careful regarding who he lets in his home in the future. He's only 24, so hopefully this incident will be a learning experience for him.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mariah Apologizes!

To say that Mariah Carey was pitchy while performing "I'll Be There" during Michael Jackson's Memorial Service would be an understatement. The New York Daily News reports that being overcome with emotion was the cause of the awful performance according to Carey. Mariah has been perpetrating as a singer for the last 10 years, unfortunately for her she simply can't hit the notes anymore. That's not a bad thing if she realizes it, and makes adjustments, otherwise her live performances will continue to be haunting to the ears.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Send Off Fit For A King!

Michael Jackson was memorialized yesterday a the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The service was truly a celebration of Jackson's momentous but sometimes turbulent life. The really sad thing is that Jackson children won't have the benefit of growing up with their father, and as "different" as Michael Jackson appeared sometimes, especially in his later years, his children at least on the surface appear to be well adjusted. Sleep well Michael.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

McNair Tragedy Continues!

The Tennessean reports that the Steve McNair tragedy is beginning to possibly get some closure. McNair's apparent girlfriend Sahel Kazemi purchased the gun that killed him early Saturday morning, and killed her as well. She purchased the gun shortly after being bailed out by McNair on a DUI charge last Thursday. The pain on the faces of ex-teammates Eddie George and Brad Hopkins shows the pain being felt by the tragedy. Bad decisions were made all around by all involved parties.

Monday, July 6, 2009

R.I.P. Steve McNair

Twitter was all ablaze Saturday afternoon even before mainstream news was reporting the death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, who died from 4 gunshot wounds early Saturday morning. McNair was found in his rented condo along with female companion Sahel Kazemi, who was apparently killed by one gunshot wound. Police have ruled McNair's death a homicide, but haven't determined if Kazemi's wound was self inflicted although a semi-automatic pistol was found near her body. McNair, 36, who was married with 4 sons, apparently had begun a relationship with the 20 year-old Kazemi in the past few months. He had purchased her a 2007 Escalade as a birthday present.

I guess it would be easy to rule this a murder-suicide, but sometimes things aren't what they seem. In any case two lives have been lost tragically, and in a senseless manner. McNair was truly one of the toughest quarterbacks to ever play, and from all accounts a good guy. Kasemi was only 20, and had her whole life ahead of her. Prayers go out to the families of both.