Friday, May 14, 2010

Can't Get Back Your Youth!

Kevin Garnett had some advice for LeBron James last night as he ponders free agency since his basketball season is now over as Garnett's Boston Celtics vanquished James' Cleveland Cavaliers. Garnett told reporters that while loyalty to a team is fine, that you can't get back your youth and that he would've left his first team the Minnesota Timberwolves a lot sooner if he knew what he knows now.

While James states that he will consult with "his team" to make a decision regarding free agency, it's obvious that he probably will be leaving the Cavaliers. While the team has done it's best to give James a quality supporting cast, the team as assembled just isn't good enough. While LeBron James will get stronger from the losing, like Garnett said, "you can't get back your youth."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Rondo Altering The State of The N.B.A.?

Yesterday after LeBron James' listless performance against the Boston Celtics that put his legacy and time as a Clevaland Cavaliers member in jeopardy, the focus wasn't on the one player that's sending chaos through the city of Cleveland today, Rajon Rondo.

Rajon Rondo has quietly developed into one of the best point guards in the N.B.A. and has a killer instinct necessary to lead veterans to the promised land. Everyone forgets that this young man is a championship point guard who has developed under Doc Rivers as coach and Kevin Garnett as the team leader. Rondo has skills that can't be taught, and if the Celtics defeat the Cavaliers tonight in game 6 of this 7 game series, it will because of what Rondo has done to the Cavaliers. LeBron James is a great player, but justifiably his mental toughness is being questioned. Tonight's game either will continue the LeBron James quest for a championship, or cement Rondo's continued ascension as an elite player.

Gucci Mane Released!

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on the release this morning of rapper Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane was released from jail after serving 6 months on a probation violation from a 2005 assault charge. Upon his release, the rapper made the following statement:

"I have made some mistakes in my life that have hurt a lot of people who care about me. I have worked very hard to get past them, but those mistakes have brought me to where I am today, and they will not be repeated. These past six months have been a difficult time, but fortunately I have learned a great deal from my experience. I was able to do a great deal of soul searching; I am coming out with a new attitude towards life."

Gucci Mane states that he's about to hit the recording studio and will be releasing a new album in the summer. Hopefully he'll stay out of trouble as well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Court Hearing Continued For Afeni Shakur!

The Fayetteville Observer reports that a hearing for Afeni Shakur-Davis, the mother of late rapper Tupac Shakur has been continued until August 24. Shakur-Davis was arrested last month in Lumberton, N.C. and charged on April 16 with felony possession of marijuana, maintaining a vehicle, dwelling or place for a controlled substance and single possession of a controlled substance. Shakur-Davis has become a successful philanthropist, but has had past struggles with drug abuse.

Monday, May 10, 2010

R.I.P. Lena Horne!

Famed actress Lena Horne passed away yesterday in New York. She was 92. I'll always remember Lena Horne in the classic movie "Stormy Weather." She had been out of the limelight for a long time, but she's left her fans with many many precious memories of her unrivaled talent.