Friday, October 16, 2009

25% Voter Turnout For Memphis Mayoral Election, Wharton Wins!

A C Wharton won the special mayoral election to replace embattled Willie Herenton (facing a federal investigation) as mayor of Memphis with a turnout of only 25% of the just over 423,000 registered voters in the city. Wharton won 60% of the vote and will serve out the remainder of Herenton's term until 2011. Memphis is facing the same issues as other cities with high unemployment, under performing schools and crime. Here's wishing Wharton well in his new job.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tom Joyner's Relatives Pardoned After Being Executed 94 Years Ago!

Syndicated radio talk show host Tom Joyner was able to get his two great uncles pardoned by the state of South Carolina for a murder that they never committed 94 years ago and for which they were executed. Thomas and Meeks Griffin were black land owners who were forced to sell their land at the time to defend themselves against the charges of killing a white man. Joyner learned about the fate of his uncles after Dr. Henry Loius Gates traced his family tree through the PBS show "African American Lives 2." The Atlanta Journal Constitution provides additional information regarding Joyner's ordeal and triumph for his family.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Rush Limbaugh Debate!

It's not surprising that everyone with an opinion is chiming in regarding whether Rush Limbaugh has the right to be part owner in a bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams of the NFL. The NFL is comprised of a select group of owners who all are millionaires and billionaires. Gaining ownership in the league requires 75% approval by the 32 owners in the league.

We all know Rush Limbaugh as the conservative talk show host who has turned his ability to hit the right pulse into millions. It's no secret that Limbaugh has made more that one comment that could be considered at the edge of decorum when related to African American people and our abilities. However, when did Rush Limbaugh wanting to purchase a NFL team become a civil rights issue? NFL players are coming out of the woodwork saying that they would never play for Limbaugh, but they never seem to have an opinion when the most recent black on black murder hits the news wires.

Rush Limbaugh does have the right to go through the ownership process if Commissioner Roger Goodell allows his ownership bid to get that far, but I trust that Goodell has a handle on this Limbaugh situation, and that it will quietly go away. If Goodell does allow Limbaugh's bid to go through the process, then know that it's all about the money, and perhaps African American players who comprise 70% of the league will realize that at the end of the day that they are only commodities with no real leverage in a league where they are the majority employees.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

King Children Now On One Accord!

The remaining children of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King reached a settlement in the ongoing dispute over King Inc. late last night. King Inc. is the company that Dexter King has been presiding over which controls his father's intellectual properties and papers. The settlement outlines that a third party custodian will come in to run the company, which will protect the interests of Martin King III and Bernice King the other living King children. It's obvious that Dexter will eventually be removed as president of the company, and hopefully end the contentious relationship that had emerged between the siblings. The Atlanta Journal Constitution provided the update.

Paul Anka Getting 50% of MJ Song Proceeds!

When Paul Anka heard the newly released Michael Jackson song "This Is It" he immediately knew that it was identical to a song that he and Jackson wrote in 1983 titled "I Never Heard." At the time the song was never released but Jackson had taken a tape of the song. Anka was not given writers credit upon the release of the retitled song, but Michael Jackson's estate has agreed that he is due 50% of the publishing writes since Anka and Jackson wrote the song together. The New York Daily News reports that this has to be the one of the fastest made deals in show business history.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Khadijah Williams: Homeless to Harvard!

Khadijah Williams' story is one that I admittedly missed this past summer, but this young lady should become the face of any impoverished teen in our country who thinks that they can't overcome odds and forge their life in a positive direction. Khadijah, who was featured on Oprah this week, overcame homelessness, and the lure of the streets to receive a full scholarship to Harvard University.

Khadijah fell in love with the library and used reading and the desire to learn as driving forces that wouldn't allow her to be denied in her quest to overcome her circumstances. Her story needs to be the rule instead of the exception for young teens trying to get an education against the odds.