Friday, May 29, 2009

The Black Men Did It!

Bonnie Sweeten has gained national headlines for alleging that 2 black men abducted she and her 9 year-old daughter in Bucks County Pennsylvania. It turns out that Mrs. Sweeten made the story up, and was found with her daughter in Florida. She's now facing numerous charges and has been extradited back to Pennsylvania. Annette John-Hall writes in the Philadelphia Inquirer that it's "Time To Stop Demonizing "Black Men." She writes correctly that when a crime is being fabricated that the "black man" is usually the fall guy and gives these examples:

It worked for Susan Smith. South Carolina mother. Children missing. The black man did it. Racial tension. Turns out she had driven her "missing" car into a lake to drown her kids.

Charles Stuart, Boston store manager. Pregnant wife murdered in a carjacking. The black man did it. The case ignites fear and door-to-door searches. Except that Stuart did it.

Tanya Dacri from Philly. Child missing. Black men did it. Three of them. It worked until police discovered that Dacri had drowned and chopped up her infant son.

Ashley Todd, John McCain campaign volunteer in Pittsburgh. Accosted at an ATM. A backward B (presumably for Barack) cut into her forehead. The black man did it. She gets sympathy call from Sarah Palin. Todd was sentenced to probation this week, having confessed to her self-mutilation.

Bucks County District Attorney Michelle Henry even made the following alarming statement:

"It's a terrifying thing for a community to hear that two black men in a black Cadillac grabbed a woman and her daughter. . . . It's terrifying,"

Admittedly black men are not perfect, but they are not at the root of all that is violent in America.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rodney Rogers Update!

Sometime during tonight's NBA basketball game between the Cavs and Magic, TNT will broadcast an interview that Chris Webber conducted with former player Rodney Rogers who is now paralyzed from the shoulder down due to a dirt bike accident last November. I found this article from which profiles Rogers. The interesting part of the article highlights the fact that although Rogers is "financially set" he took a job working for Durham, N.C.'s public works department. The health benefits that he secured has helped pay his medical bills since the NBA's collective bargaining agreement doesn't cover for catastrophic insurance for retired players. Rogers is dealing with his paralysis in an upbeat manner with the help and support of his fiance Faye Suggs.

Is Michael Jordan Wanted As An Owner In Charlotte?

It was announced last week that BET founder Bob Johnson is rumored to be willing to sell the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats to the highest bidder. Michael Jordan, who is currently a minority owner, is also rumored to be interested. Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer feels that Jordan would be a bad fit as an owner because he's not visible and even questions whether Jordan has made the "nice" moves that he's been credited with making in the last year since Larry Brown has been the coach. If Jordan wants to purchase the team he has the money and right to do so. The Bobcats are still essentially an expansion team, and I find it amazing that Sorensen appears to be questioning Jordan's ability to do the job.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dirk's Ex Is Pregnant!

Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki's ex-fiance Cristal Taylor, who has been in a Dallas jail since May 6th after being charged with felony crimes in 2 states is indeed pregnant as she has asserted for the last week. Nowitzki has refused comment on Taylor's incarceration since she was arrested at his home earlier this month. Looks like Taylor may have finally hit the jackpot if she can overcome her legal issues. Thanks to the Dallas Morning News for the article.

Twitter Wants To Make Money!

The Houston Chronicle reports that Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams state that they will eventually charge fees for some of the online text based platform's services, which has become the rage over the last year. The company, which has doubled in employees to 43 since January, been linked to buyout rumors, however the co-founders indicate they'd prefer to keep the company privately held for the foreseeable future.

R.I.P. Exodus Tyson!

It was very sad to hear that Mike Tyson's 4 year-old daughter Exodus died yesterday after a tragic accident while at home in Phoenix, AZ. Prayers go out to Mike Tyson and his family for their tragic loss.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roland Martin Not Campbell Brown!

CNN political commentator and replacement host for Campbell Brown's "No Bias No Bull" during her maternity leave has seen his star ascend during the last year. Page Six is reporting however, that the shows ratings have nosedived since Martin has taken over hosting the show. Martin isn't alone in his struggles, as Anderson Cooper's ratings are down 30 percent in key demographics.

Mike Tyson's 4 Year-Old Daughter On Life Support!

This is a very sad story. Boxer Mike Tyson's 4 year-old daughter, Exodus Tyson is on life support in a Phoenix area hospital after being found with a treadmill cord wrapped around her neck. We wish all the best for the family.