Friday, December 11, 2009

Is Tiger An Issue Because He Cheated On His White Wife?

Now Hollywood madam Michelle Braun is dishing about everything Tiger Woods. When this story initially broke the whole thing smelled to no end and it gets stinkier everyday. I'm just curious as to why all of this is important, and at this point it really seems to be about taking down Mr. Woods which is quite interesting since before this scandal broke, Tiger was just a nerdy guy who was a great golfer who considered himself Caubalasian. Race is always my last thought on most things, but I'd venture to say if Tiger was married to a black woman, that this story would be over. I could be wrong, but the smellier this story gets, it just seems that way. The media seems hellbent on bringing down the brotha who cheated on his white wife. I could be wrong, but I suspect that I'm right on point.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Racial Turmoil At South Philly High School Reaches The Top!

South Philadelphia High School has been a cesspool of racial tension since December 2 when a disabled African American student was beaten up by 2 Asian students. Since then various attacks have taken place at the school that's been polarized along racial lines and this week 50 Asian students are boycotting the school.

Yesterday the School Reform Commission heard testimony from Asian students documenting years of racial turmoil from students as well as faculty according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. School Superintendent Arlene Ackerman presided over the meeting which is intended to come up with solutions to issues at the school. Hopefully solutions can be found, because all of the students are being adversely affected by the turmoil. Imagine trying to get an education in the midst of fear and anger just because you're a different race.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tyreke Evans: Rookie of the Year Mix!

While Brandon Jennings gets all the praise as the best rookie in the NBA, Tyreke Evans is playing on the West Coast with the Sacramento Kings and quietly setting the world on fire. While Jennings has quieted down since his breakthrough 55 point game, Evans has been consistent, and overall been the best rookie in the league. Take a peek at this video of the talented rookie out of Chester, PA.

Elin Apparently Confronted Uchitel!

I guess I understand better why Tiger Woods will not get in front of the story that continues to derail him publicly. The New York Post reports that the night of his ill fated crash that Elin Woods confronted Rachel Uchitel telling her that "she knew everything," and throwing a cell phone at Tiger busting his tooth before chasing him out of the house with a golf club forcing him to exit barefooted.

I have a suspicion that with his reputation in tatters that Tiger will be taking an extended vacation from his occupation as a golfer. While it's true that he created this situation for himself, he doesn't have the opportunity to repair himself or his family in private, but he did sign up for all of this when he set out to become the greatest golfer of all time. Privacy unfortunately for Mr. Woods is not an option.

Prayers For The Perry Family!

Prayers go out to Tyler Perry this morning as he announced yesterday that his mother Maxine has died. She was only 64, and apparently had been sick since August.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Has Elin Moved On?

I was hoping that I was done writing about the Tiger Woods scandal, but needless the say when the media smells a scent they go in for the kill, and Tiger is getting knocked down to the point of taking a standing eight count. The tally of alleged women has hit 10 and Mrs. Woods has apparently moved out to a nearby residence while also purchasing a home in Sweden according to the New York Post.

Also, even though the cops have closed the accident case, Woods' condition after the crash is now being questioned including hints that Woods had been drinking during the day and taking prescription medications. Tiger also was scheduled to be the best man at a friends wedding, but now will apparently be a no show. He's obviously gone into hiding as a new woman seems to come out everyday alleging an affair. Mr. Woods is used to being in control of his image, which he has lost. Unfortunately he'll probably never regain that again, which for him has to be pretty humbling.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vick Makes Return To Atlanta!

Michael Vick took another step in his comeback when he returned with his present team, the Philadelphia Eagles to play his former team, the Atlanta Falcons yesterday. Prior to the game Vick met with Falcons owner Arthur Blank and former teammates, and was able to make an impact within the game by running and passing for touchdowns. The crowd reception was mixed, but Vick handled himself in a dignified manner as the Eagles crushed the Falcons 34-7.

World B. Free's Wife Slain In Brooklyn!

Sad news has hit the NBA family, as the New York Daily News reports that former NBA star World B. Free's wife was killed last night at her family home in Brooklyn. Audrey Johnson attempted to mediate a dispute involving her niece's boyfriend when she was gunned down. Prayers go out to the family of Free, who presently works for his former team the Philadelphia 76ers in community relations.