Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is President Obama Doing Himself Any Favors!

I know that President Barack Obama feels that he's the best person to be the "point man" for promoting his Health Care Reform, however, speaking to forums in controlled environments is truly giving supporters the wrong impression on the opposition that's growing for the reform that's apparently contained in the 1,000 page bill.

While Obama appears ready to "go down with the ship" on this issue, surely he has to realize that after only 6 months on the job that there just may be bigger issues to deal with under his watch. Although he was elected pretty easily, surely he has to realize that perhaps Middle America is still not prepared to see a black man push a reform bill down their throats that they passionately oppose. While it's true that we may need Health Care Reform, is it worth it to potentially sink a tenure after 6 months. I still think this would be better served as a year 3 or 4 issue, just hope it's worth it to our president and that arrogance isn't his potential downfall.

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