Friday, December 4, 2009

Iverson Crying At Press Conference!

Allen Iverson says that he "was born to play basketball," and just wants to help his new/old team the Philadelphia 76ers win basketball games. Iverson was so desperate to get back in the NBA that he accepted a non-guaranteed contract with his old team. Ultimately if Iverson doesn't behave as he didn't with his last two stops in Detroit and Memphis then he'll be out of the league for good. This is a low risk proposition for the Sixers, and Iverson's last chance to continue his career. I know he doesn't want to go out like Stephon Marbury.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beyonce' Garners 10 Grammy Nods!

While I'm a Beyonce' fan, I find it amazing that she received 10 Grammy nominations yesterday. While she set the world ablaze with "Single Ladies" her music lately is hardly historic. While I think she is probably our greatest black female performer, possibly ever, her music simply doesn't measure up to her immense talent. Country singer Taylor Swift received 8 noms, and would be more deserving of the awards if chosen.

Uchitel Apparently Fessing Up to Being With Tiger!

This Tiger Woods affair story is now in it's 7th day and becoming more and more smelly. Rachel Uchitel, the first alleged mistress, who initially denied a relationship with Woods, apparently will be holding a press conference and confirming a relationship with the world's greatest golfer. My first question is why is a press conference even necessary. Tiger issued a statement via his web site admitting "transgressions", etc. He's asked for privacy, and day by day amazingly another woman comes out of the woodwork. Admittedly if Tiger had been "clean" none of this would be an issue, but it all just seems to convenient and at this point a non-story except for the sordid details coming out from the women, including one who was apparently paid $150,000 for saving a voicemail from Tiger.

Yes Tiger being the world's greatest athlete has brought all of the fame and fortune that he's obviously chased and wanted. Now that Tiger's imperfections are out for all the world to see does it really improve the unemployment levels or turn the world on it's axis. All of this just seems like overkill with people dumping on Mr. Woods. At the end of the day he's still the world's greatest athlete, and he'll probably not lose any sponsors, and we'll lose the insight of of a man whose maximized all of his skills and really could give valid insight for all of us regarding maximizing our potential. Sadly Tiger will truly never trust the media again, and will be even more guarded making all of us worse for losing a piece of him.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coming From Everywhere After Tiger!

I'm sure a week ago Tiger Woods never expected that the women would be coming out of the woodwork bragging about his exploits, text messages and voice mail messages. Well, welcome to the world of tabloid celebrity, Tiger. Jaimee Grubbs is the first woman to confirm an extramarital relationship with the best golfer in the world and she's taking her story to Us Weekly. Other stories of cover ups are surfacing, which are intended to sully Tiger's once impeccable reputation. Tiger is doing the best thing by keeping low, and surfacing next month when the new golf season begins.
He's now going through what other athletes have lived through such as Michael Jordan and ARod. His buddy Charles Barkley says Tiger should come before the cameras, make a statement and be done. I'm sure Tiger will do that when the time is right, but in the mean time life as he once knew it doesn't exist anymore.

Use of Gift Cards Take Down Sheila Dixon!

In the end Sheila Dixon, the Mayor of Baltimore was convicted of a single charge of using a $500 gift card intended for the needy. While Dixon's conviction is a misdemeanor and she was found innocent of the felony charges, she'll probably be forced out of office if and when she is sentenced. It's possible that she could delay the inevitable with appeals, but I would think that a quick resignation would be best for the city.

Kasim Reed New Mayor of Atlanta!

It looks like a run off was Kasim Reed's best friend, as it appears that he'll become the new mayor of Atlanta. With 100% of the precincts reporting Reed leads his challenger Mary Norwood by less than a percentage point (758 votes). Reed closed the gap on Norwood pretty quickly and ran a good race. Only 40 years old, Reed has his work cut out for him. Here's wishing him well.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rachel Uchitel Speaks!

The New York Post has posted an interview with Rachel Uchitel the alleged Tiger Woods mistress. She essentially says that there's no relationship with Woods and that she's only met the golfer one time. Tiger indicated in his statement that he's not perfect, but this particular story smells. Tiger doesn't owe anyone an explanation regarding the occurrences of Friday morning, but media outlets simply will not let the story rest. I hear that the neighbor who called 911 has hired an attorney and will be holding a press conference this morning. Talk about overkill.

Still No Verdict In Baltimore Mayor Trial!

Jurors are still deadlocked in the theft trial of Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon. Yesterday jurors indicated that they could not come to a unanimous verdict on the charges, but indicated that they would come back today to continue deliberations. Dixon is on trial for theft or misuse of gift cards that were given to her, but intended for needy families. The longer it takes for jurors to arrive at a verdict the better things appear for Ms. Dixon, as jurors seem reluctant to convict her. The Baltimore Sun provides additional details on the proceedings.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tiger Takes Control!

This weekend Tiger Woods became the focal point of the country for something other than golf after his early Friday morning car accident. The weekend has gone by and it appears that Woods has no plans to speak to police about the accident, which he doesn't have to do by law. His attorney has supplied the police with the required documentation, Woods issued a statement through his website, and he's moving on with business as usual. We'll know that it's business as usual if Tiger shows up for his annual golf tournament tomorrow, and opens it with the usual press conference. If Tiger is a no show, then the rumors and questions will continue.