Friday, December 18, 2009

Did Chris Henry Have A Death Wish?

A witness to the initial stages of Chris Henry jumping onto the yellow pick up truck that ultimately set in motion events that led to his death stated that Henry was banging on the truck and threatened to jump off if fiance Loleini Tonga didn't stop the truck as she sped from her parents home in Charlotte, NC according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. It appeared that Henry had escaped his previous demons, but obviously something went awry for him on Wednesday, and sadly his 3 children are now fatherless.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chris Henry Suffering from Life Threatening Injuries!

Depending on what report you heard last night, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry was either on life support or deceased after falling out of a truck in what is being described as a domestic situation with his fiance Loleini Tonga in Charlotte, NC. As of this morning, Henry is s still alive. Only 26, Henry has had an up and down professional career with various brushes with the law including a DUI arrest. Henry's season was ended after he fractured his left forearm in November.

This is just a sad story all the way around as Henry and his fiance were planning to be married in March. While the prognosis doesn't appear to be good for him, prayers have to go out to his family that perhaps a miracle can happen.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Asian Student at South Philly High End Boycott!

Asian students ended their boycott amid the racial tension at South Philadelphia High School yesterday after meeting again with School Superintendent Arlene Ackerman in the Chinatown area of the city according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. 25 of the original 50 boycotters were remaining out of school since the Dec. 3 incident in which a number of Asian students were beaten by African American students. While Ackerman has come under fire from Asian groups she does have the support of Philly Mayor Michael Nutter.

It's amazing that it took 2 weeks to settle this dispute. Ackerman should have been on top of the issue on Dec. 4, and Nutter as the mayor needs to get involved in any way possible to settle racial disputes with teenagers.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rihanna's Naked GQ Cover!

With a struggling new cd, I guess Rihanna doesn't have anything better to do than pose topless for GQ Magazine. I guess she thinks that this keeps her relevant, but does it really. Rihanna needs to focus on putting out hits. It's a shame when artists feel that they can give the public any kind of crappy music.

Tiger Count Up to 14!

The Tiger count is now up to 14 with Theresa Rogers emerging as the oldest (late 40s) and perhaps longest standing companion according to Radar Online. Rogers is also being represented by attorney Gloria Allred which indicates that a payoff may be in order. On a positive note, Nike's CEO Phil Knight has committed to Tiger stating that the media is making a "big deal" of Tiger's indiscretions and that this episode will be a "minor blip" in Tiger's biography. I suspect that Knight is correct in his assessment, but Tiger will need to get over his obvious embarrassment and face the public at some point.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Takes Leave & Loses Accenture!

Tiger Woods announced Friday that he's taking an indefinite leave of absence from golf due to his infidelity, and yesterday he officially lost his first sponsor in Accenture. Woods still hasn't been seen in public since his accident, but I'm sure that he's hoping that over time the public will be less concerned with his personal life. Taking a sabbatical will be the best thing for Tiger as time heals things, and the golf world will be anxious for his return, whenever that will be.