Friday, October 2, 2009

14 Year-Old Destinee Parker Dies From Swine Flu In Baltimore!

The swine flu has claimed the life of 14 year-old Destinee Alicia Parker on Tuesday night in Baltimore. She was the first youth to die in the state from the flu, and sadly she died a week before the state of Maryland was going to begin vaccinations. The Baltimore Sun provides additional information on this sad story. Prayers go out to the family.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Sean Taylor Story Becomes Even Sadder!

I was introduced to the story via Twitter last night from ESPN reporter Jemele Hill and the Washington Post. Sean Taylor the former NFL star was murdered nearly 2 years ago, leaving an estimated $5.8 million estate to his 3 year old daughter (who is taken care of by her mother and Taylor's fiance at the time of his death), a $650,000 life policy to his sister and over $300,000 to his father as proceeds from a joint bank account. While living, Taylor paid cash for a home that he gave to his mother Donna Junor, but he died without a will and left nothing in death to mom. Fast forward almost 2 years, and Junor is facing foreclosure on the home that she owns free and clear because of back taxes and homeowner fees.

Money often fractures family especially in death if there are riches left in the estate. Taylor didn't have a will, so his baby daughter is and should be fine. It's just interesting that no one has stepped to the plate and assisted his mother, who simply wants to keep her home.

Good and Bad Day For Michael Vick!

I'm sure Michael Vick is elated to be out of prison and playing football again. Yesterday was a day that allowed him to relive the good and bad about the last few years of his life, as he was resigned by Nike yesterday per his agent Joel Segal. That announcement was tempered by the fact that he has to repay $416,000 that he illegally withdrew from a pension plan that he had sponsored through a marketing company that he once owned.

Michael Vick is still wildly popular as a football player, and if he's able to perform at a level similar to his past then the debts that he owes will gradually be paid.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sharpton and Gingrich Together For The Same Cause: Education!

Who says that political adversaries can't come together for a common cause. Yesterday Rev. Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrich along with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visited Philadelphia schools as part of the "Listening and Learning Tour." The goal of the multi city tour is to bring attention to Education Reform in our country, which I think is far more important that Health Care Reform at this point in President Barack Obama's tenure as President. However, in our President's defense he did suggest that the trio get together for the tour.

The great thing about the trio visiting the schools is that they went to some of the poorer schools in the city, which had to be uplifting for the students. Sharpton is really trying to make his voice relevant, which is commendable on his part. The Philadelphia Inquirer provides an additional update on the tour.

$5 Million Bond Set For 19 Year-Old Man Who Kills 5 Month Old Son!

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on the disturbing death of a 5 month old baby boy dying allegedly at the hands of his 19 year-old father Robert L. Thomas in Chicago after being suffocated. Thomas is being held on $5 million bond. I wonder what makes a father intentionally kill his son. The craziness in Chicago continues.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Another Day Of Violence In The Killing Of Derrion Albert!

Yesterday the death of Derrion Albert in Chicago last Thursday hit the national stage with everyone having an opinion regarding the death of another African American teenager on our city streets. Albert, only 16 years old and an honor student apparently walked into a mob of teens fighting when he was hit in the head twice fell to the ground and hit in the head once again before being dragged into a building.

The cynic in me says that while there may be an initial uproar over Derrion's death, the reality is that this happens everyday throughout our country, and at an alarming rate in the major cities such as Chicago. Derrion's death is of course senseless and will be mourned, but does anyone really have any remedies. This is the continuing tale of black on black crime, and no one in their right mind can blame racism on this epidemic. This is black people simply continuing to kill a generation with violence without any fear of the consequences.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jackson Movie Sells Out In 2 Hours!

Michael Jackson's movie "This Is It" sold out in 2 hours yesterday, selling the available 3,000 tickets for the movie that premieres next month for a 2 week run. The trailer for Jackson's movie which focuses on his rehearsals and concert footage for the concert that never took place due to his death is captivating. It's obvious that his fans can't get enough of all things Michael Jackson.

A Humbled Vick!

Michael Vick was sounding like his old arrogant self leading up to his first NFL game in 2 seasons, making statements that he thought that he would come back as a starting quarterback. I guess he assumed that missing all of that time wouldn't affect his ability to be an effective player. Vick finally made his return back to the NFL yesterday, and hopefully after appearing on the field for 11 plays and totaling 7 rushing yards, he was humbled about how far away he is from being an effective NFL quarterback again.

The fact that Kevin Kolb was effective in his second start as Donovan McNabb's backup should also end the Vick quarterback controversy statements. If Vick is going to return as a starting quarterback in the NFL it likely won't be with the Philadelphia Eagles. It's clear now that Kolb is McNabb's heir apparent, and that Vick will likely be a end of season trade bargaining chip if the Eagles are smart.