Saturday, November 28, 2009

Interview With Police Officer Who Arrived On Scene Of Tiger's Accident!

This is video of an interview with the police officer who arrived at the scene of Tiger Woods' accident.

Is Tiger Woods Being Set Up?

The Tiger Woods car accident story hit yesterday with a vengeance with bits and pieces of the apparent truth coming out by the hour. The latest twist of the story is that Tiger's wife Elin apparently caused his injuries and perhaps he was leaving his home to avoid a heated domestic dispute. The alleged dispute if true appears to have been over a National Enquirer report that Tiger is seeing another woman. The alleged side woman, Rachel Uchitel, has previously been linked to TV star David Boreanaz. The New York Daily News reports that Uchitel has posted on her Facebook page that the story is not true.

Tiger Woods is a human being, and I'm sure not perfect, but the occurrences of the past week are simply too bizarre for the #1 athlete in the world who guards his life and reputation as if he was President Obama. Just seems that things aren't always as they seem, and perhaps Tiger has made someone unhappy and they have it out for him. I'm sure this is one time that he would trade his celebrity for a little privacy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tyler Perry Does A Good Deed!

Tyler Perry gave to NAACP $1 million to commemorate the civil rights organizations 100 year anniversary. The donation, which will be distributed over 4 years, is the largest donation ever by an individual.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vince Young, Back From Oblivion!

Just over a year ago Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young was ready to be left in the junk pile as a quarterback in the NFL. Despite being the previous season's Rookie of the Year, Young was considered a bust and his sanity was even questioned by the national media.

Last night Young led the Titans to their 4th straight victory, and now he's the toast of the town again. Young, was was a high school star in Houston and a college star at the University of Texas, is showing the world that his sanity is just fine and that he can indeed play quarterback in the "league." It's good to see that Vince Young overcame his obstacles from last year, and is playing well. It appears that he only needed time to sit on the sidelines and learn from a veteran like Kerry Collins before reclaiming his starters role. Any confidence that he lost during his struggles, he's regained and now appears ready to take the Titans on his shoulders into future successes.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Janet Heads Quietly Into Middle Age!

Janet Jackson opened the "American Music Awards" last night with a medley of her vast hits that span a 25 year period. Hard to believe it's been that long since "Control" set her career into orbit. Janet's performance last night showed that she's settling happily and securely into middle age. While she looked a little heavier and moved a little slower, she still wowed the crowd displaying enough moves and savvy to put most female performers to shame. You're not what you used to be Miss Jackson, but middle age is serving you well.