Thursday, March 4, 2010

El DeBarge Lookin' Good!

I found this clip of El DeBarge being interviewed by Brian McKnight. El comes clean about his battle with drugs, and according to him, he's kicked the habit. I surely hope so because El still has incredible talent, that he displays toward the end of the clip singing "Time Will Reveal" which he says that he wrote at 16. Watching El play piano and hitting all of the notes will give you chills. El, who will be 49 this year still looks good.

Is This The Real Michael Vick?

Michael Vick appeared on the "Gansta Grillz" radio show in Atlanta last weekend and stated that if he could play for any team in the NFL it would be the Carolina Panthers. Now this wouldn't be a problem if Vick was a free agent, but the last time I checked, Vick is under contract to the Philadelphia Eagles.

This may be one of the biggest incidents of disrespect that I've seen from an athlete. Michael Vick was an exiled player when the Eagles took a chance on him following his stint in prison on dog fighting charges. Tony Dungy placed his reputation on the line to back Vick for the Eagles. If Vick really meant the statement about playing for the Panthers, then he really didn't learn anything from his sordid ordeal, and his BET show is a farce. I understand that Vick wants to be a starter in the NFL, but he owes the Eagles an apology immediately.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take New York Out of It's Misery!

New York Governor David Paterson continues to hang on to his job amid allegations that he had subordinates speak to a woman who was attacked by his top aide. Last night State Superintendent Harry Corbitt was forced out of his job for allowing a senior officer to contact the woman. Paterson needs to take the state of New York out of it's misery and simply resign. His statements that he didn't abuse the power of his office simply don't appear to be true.

Paterson wasn't even elected into his position so before he embarrasses himself even more, just do the right thing for the residents of the state that you serve.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trying To Get Something Right!

President Barack Obama announced yesterday that he's pledging $900 million in federal dollars to target the lowest performing schools in an effort to improve drop out rates in our country. Calling the dollars "turn-around" grants the monies will go to states that are willing to take decisive action to cope with under performing schools. While many will say this is throwing bad money towards a bad asset, it will at least assist those schools trying to make the tough decisions regarding our educational system.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Is Lil Wayne Ready For Jail?

Rapper Lil Wayne will begin his stint in jail tomorrow. While I'm sure he never anticipated spending time in jail for gun charges, hopefully he's prepared for it. If he's on good behavior, Lil Wayne will spend 8 months in jail. The seclusion will give him nothing but time to keep the creative juices flowing.