Saturday, October 4, 2008

Palin States That Obama Not Qualified To Be President

In this clip Fox News' Carl Cameron is interviewing Gov. Sarah Palin, and she states that because of his views on the war that Barack Obama should be disqualified to be president. I really think that she's delusional.

Obama and Bill Ayers/McCain To Begin Attacking Obama's Judgement

The New York Times has published an article focusing on the relationship between Sen. Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, one of the founders of the Weathermen, a radical group that launched bombings that would target the Pentagon and United States Capital. Obama's association with Ayers, who is now an education professor in Chicago, has been constant fodder for conservative pundits looking to find chinks in Obama's armor.

With about a month left in the campaign, the Washington Post reports that Sen. John McCain plans to begin attacking Barack Obama's judgment, honesty and personal relationships. With polls showing Barack Obama with growing leads in battleground states, get ready for a heavy dose of Rev. Jeremiah Wright clips and plenty of discussions about Bill Ayers.

Juice Guilty

Well we now know how the saga of O.J. Simpson will end, probably in jail since yesterday he was found guilty of robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in Las Vegas. O.J. will be sentenced on Dec. 5, and faces life in prison.

O.J., who is 61, was acquitted in 1995 of the murders of his ex wife Nicole and Ron Goldman, but has been tempting fate at every turn in the past few years. Simpson chose to continue seeking the notoriety that his prowess as a Hall of Fame football player afforded him instead of retiring quietly in Florida. He simply couldn't stay away from the cameras, and perhaps now he's getting what he deserved when he was found innocent of the murder charges 13 years ago. I would guess that if he truly was guilty of the murders, his conscience simply set him on a downward spiral that he couldn't stop.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wells Fargo Does Indeed Purchase Wachovia

The Charlote Observer is now reporting that with Citigroup Inc. talks breaking down, that Wachovia Corp. is indeed being purchased by mortgage giant Wells Fargo, merging all of Wachovia's assets.

T.I. Still Dominates The Billboard Charts

T.I. is still dominating the Billboard Charts with his single "Whatever You Like" topping the Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Charts. T.I.'s "Paper Trail" was released this week, and he's expected to top the album charts next week as well.

Also the Hot 100's top debut comes from Akon's "Right Now (Na Na Na)," the first single from his new album, "Freedom," due Nov. 25. "Right Now" lands at No. 17 after selling 94,000 digital downloads. It's Akon's 24th chart entry since June 2004, second only to Lil Wayne's 27 during that period.

Good to see T.I. and Akon still producing at a high level in a very challenging music climate.

The Veep Debate

The Vice Presidential Debate took place last night between Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin. This debate was all about Gov. Palin and whether she could regain some of the luster that's she's lost in the last few weeks. Perception is usually reality, and with her folksy delivery, and at least 2 winks of the eye that I saw she probably connected with the American public. Sen. Joe Biden with his vast experience delivered a solid performance exhibiting a knowledge of the issues that justifies him being Sen. Barack Obama's running mate.

With the election about 4 weeks away, the American people will ultimately have to make a decision between Senators Obama and McCain. Biden and Palin, while important as the next in line for the presidency, are bit players in what is probably the most important election in decades.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

McCain Bailing On Michigan

The Detroit Free Press reports that Sen. John McCain has pulled the plug on his Michigan operation without warning to state GOP leaders. If McCain is indeed conceding the state to Sen. Barack Obama, and polling in the state shows Obama up by 10 points, it removes one less obstacle for Obama to get to the 270 electoral votes needed to become the next President of The United States.

Ifill Outrage

It was disclosed in the last few days that Gwen Ifill, managing editor of PBS's "Washington Week" and moderator of tonight's Veep debate has written a book chronicling the political breakthrough of Barack Obama. The New York Post reports about "Ifill Outrage" from conservative groups.

Ifill has over 20 years of experience in print and television journalism. She's moderated debates in the past, and it's never been an issue. There shouldn't be an issue now.

Biden vs. Palin

The Detroit Free Press previews the Vice-Presidential Debate tonight between Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin. Palin, whose star has dimmed recently as a result of her interview with Katie Couric has a chance to prove that she's not the political novice who often gave incoherent responses to Couric. She's the star of this show, so it'll be interesting theatre.

How the Economy Is Really Impacting Families And Businesses

Right now all the hype is about the $700 billion bailout package that somehow has turned into the $800 billion bailout package, and the fact that credit will dry up without it. Well the real question should be whether the package will help the already struggling family or business that's barely making it. The Cleveland Plain Dealer profiles the economy's impact on 5 families, respectively. While the Detroit Free Press profiles the economy's impact on Michigan homeowners and businesses.

The bottom line is that even when the bailout package passes, it's still going to be very rough treading, and life as all of us has known it has changed forever in terms of the economy and expectations. We just have to adjust with the new times that we're all facing.

Patty Jackson's 411 Report

Patty's latest 411 report is linked here. In this week's edition she writes about the reunion of LaBelle; famed producer Babyface's new child; and the trials of my favorite female singer Janet Jackson, who fell ill while on tour this week. There are other interesting tidbits as well, as Patty does a great job summarizing what's happening in black enteretainment.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama Hustle Working In Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Democrats have a 1.1 million registration edge in Pennsylvania over Republicans, compared with a 580,00 edge in 2004. The increase is being attributed to the hustle of the Obama campaign in knocking on doors in many suburban Philadelphia areas urging people to register for the November 4th elections.

If the new registrants go to the pols on November 4th, this bodes well for Obama's chances in Pennsylvania.

N.B.A. Training Camps Begin

One would think that with the bailout vote failing on Monday that the world as we know it is ending. Well obviously that's not the case and for any sports enthusiasts, another N.B.A. season is upon us. Reigning MVP Kobe Bryant begins his quest for another title, and the Los Angeles Times reports that all is calm in Laker land.

VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs

VH1 has announced it's Top 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs. The top 10 songs are listed below:

01 Public Enemy / Fight The Power
02 Sugarhill Gang / Rapper’s Delight
03 Dr. Dre / Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang
04 Run-DMC ft/ Aerosmith/ Walk This Way
05 Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five / The Message
06 N.W.A. / Straight Outta Compton
07 Notorious B.I.G. / Juicy
08 Snoop Doggy Dogg / Gin and Juice
09 Salt-N-Pepa / Push It
10 Kurtis Blow / The Breaks

The top 10 encompasses the early genius of hip hop, and Jay-Z, Pac, Eminem, and Kanye do crack the top 20, while arguably today's most relevant hip hop artist Lil Wayne makes the top 50. The entire list can be accessed here.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Losers In The Bailout

The New York Daily News profiles the biggest losers in the Bailout debacle. The top 4 losers are listed below:

- President Bush
: Despite a prime-time address to the nation and heavy White House jawboning, two-thirds of House Republicans voted against the leader of their party. Bush has privately told associates the country doesn't listen to him anymore. He showed leadership by pushing hard, but lacks the moral authority to follow through.

- Pelosi: She delivered more of her Democrats than the opposition, but a tough floor speech gave some Republicans a fig leaf to vote no.
The speaker also violated a cardinal rule: never bring a crucial bill to the floor unless the votes are there.

- House Republicans: They retire the pettiness trophy by claiming Pelosi's partisan rhetoric turned them off. "Because somebody hurt their feelings they decide to punish the country?" House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank needled.
As John McCain might say: "Oh, please!"

- John McCain: He rushed back to Washington to take charge of the negotiations and whip balking Republicans into line. Oops.

Personal finance expert Suze Orman stated last night that we may not come out of this economic mess for 7 years. We all better fasten our seat belts, it's going to be a very, very bumpy ride.

T.I.'s Paper Trail

Rap superstar, T.I. releases his highly anticipated new album 'Paper Trail" today to rave reviews. Sonia Murray, of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reviews the album here. Murray gives the album a B+.

T.I. is still facing penalties from pleading guilty to federal weapons charges, and will be sentenced in March of 2009. He obviously has an urgency to his career, and while he'll debut next week atop the Billboard album charts, let's hope that he's matured and will continue to provide his fans with relevant music.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Richard Collier Has Leg Amputated

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman, Richard Collier, who was shot on Sept. 2nd is paralyzed from the waist down, and has had his left leg amputated. Collier received 14 bullet wounds and had his spinal cord severed after being shot while waiting for a female acquaintance outside of an apartment complex in Jacksonville, FL.

Wachovia Sold to Citigroup Inc.

Wachovia Corp, which was rumored to be sold to Wells Fargo, was actually sold today to Citigroup Inc.. Retired Bank of America chieftain Hugh McColl Jr. calls the sale "a body blow" to city of Charlotte according to this article from the Charlotte Observer.

Bailout Plan Rejected

Well the Bailout Plan was rejected today by a vote of of 228-205 on the House floor. The rejection of the bill sent an already teetering stock market down 777 points, the biggest one day drop in history. Republicans are blaming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the bill's failure as she made a scathing speech near the end of the session lambasting President Bush's "right wing ideology."

It's good to see our elected officials ignoring petty issues, and doing the jobs that they've been elected to do.

Wells Fargo Emerging As Leading Suitor of Wachovia

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that federal regulators are pushing Wachovia Corp. to sell itself, and that Wells Fargo is emerging as the leading candidate. Even if the bailout plan is passed today, it's obvious that out banking systems remain in dire straits.

Obama and Biden Appear In Detroit

The Detroit Free Press reports on the joint appearance of Senator's Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Detroit yesterday. Detroit has an unemployment rate of 8.9%, has lost more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs, and has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.

Obama was bringing his message of hope to a city that desperately needs it after going through the Kwame Kilpatrick debacle.

Bailout Plan Approved

The framework of the $700 Billion Bailout Plan was approved yesterday, and will be voted on today in Washington. The bill authorizes an initial outlay of $250 billion with the remaining $450 billion being used at the discretion of the President and Congress.

This New York Post article provides more specifics regarding the bill.