Thursday, August 13, 2009

Please! No Jackson 8!

Diane Dimond has written extensively about Michael Jackson over the years, and now is a correspondent for "Entertainment Tonight" in the wake of Michael's death in June. Dimond's crack reporting apparently has uncovered cracks in the Jackson household as they figure how to unfortunately capitalize financially on brother Michael's death. In an article written for the The Daily Beast , a company called AllGood Entertainment apparently has a standing offer for all of the remaining siblings to perform in 10 concerts that would pay the family $12 million with $1 million up front. The money break down by family member is listed below:

Janet Jackson — $4 million
Jermaine Jackson — $1.5 million
Jackie Jackson — $1.5 million
Randy Jackson — $1.5 million
Marlon Jackson — $1.5 million
Tito Jackson — $1.5 million
La Toya Jackson — $500,000
Rebbie Jackson — $250,000

It's obvious from the pay disparity that Janet Jackson is the key to this potential fiasco taking place. If this story is true, then Janet is no doubt receiving plenty of pressure to participate. A word of advice for Ms. Jackson, focus on your new cd, and let your brothers and sisters fend for themselves.

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