Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is Race A Factor In Potential Atlanta School Closings?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on the controversial proposal to close 10 schools in DeKalb County in Metro Atlanta. The 10 schools on the list are all in poor African American areas and are deemed necessary to offset an over $100 million budget shortfall. This is a tough call, because with the proposed closures it's possible for the students to be placed in schools that will provide a better education which is the bottom line.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raymond v. Raymond

Usher releases his latest album "Raymond v. Raymond" today. He's making the usual splash for publicity purposes, and although his latest product may be better than his last lukewarm effort "Here I Stand" the results may not be as good in terms of sales. "Stand" was certified platinum, but "Raymond" may be lucky to achieve that certification. Despite using some of the best producers going the new music just doesn't have the magic that Usher displayed from "Confessions" and prior. It's obvious now that "Confessions" was the peak, but I never thought that the spiral downward would be so steep.

Usher remains the best male artist of his generation, however, producing mediocre music just isn't acceptable for someone of his stature. He had his greatest success under the tutelage of L.A. Reid. Perhaps he needs to call Mr. Reid to get an honest assessment of his music.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Is Will Causing Drama On Set of HawthoRNe?

New York Daily News' Gatecrasher reports that actor Will Smith, who is an executive producer on his wife's Jada Pinkett Smith's hit television show HawthoRNe has been hanging around the set lately and insisting on having input regarding scripts and scenes. Will is presently between movies so he apparently has a little free time on his hands. Will Smith is arguably the biggest box office star in the world with a proven track record so any input that he offers on a set should be welcome with open arms.