Friday, November 12, 2010

Michael Steele Not A Wanted Man!

The Baltimore Sun reports that Republican Chairman Michael Steele may not be a wanted man by his party if he decides to seek reelection as party chairman. Steele has been accused of not being a good leader by those looking to supplant him, although the party recently dominated the mid term elections. Steele has been coy about his future plans, but if he chooses not to run again or loses the chairman election, surely he'll surface on Fox News doing what he does best, being a talking head.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Breaking News"

This is the new song titled "Breaking News" that has created controversy because some of his family members don't think the song is being sung by MJ. The vocals clearly sound like deceased "King of Pop" but unfortunately it sounds like a throw away song that Jackson never would've released on his own. Surely there have to be better songs that he recorded over the years that would create a quality product. Michael Jackson's musical legacy doesn't have to be tainted by releasing bad music.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where There's Smoke With Cam Newton!

The timing of the allegations against Auburn quarterback Cam Newton are interesting. Surely they coincide with the fact that he's the leading Heisman Trophy candidate, but does have baggage going back to his days at the University of Florida. Allegations of cheating at Florida and requesting to be paid to attend Mississippi State have surfaced in the past two weeks that appear to have the intent to derail his run at the Heisman.

There's no question that a smear campaign has been orchestrated to taint Newton and his family. The NCAA and Auburn have been investigating the allegations, and Auburn seems satisfied that Newton is eligible to play football. There's definitely some smoke to the allegations, since Newton, nor his father want to address the allegations, simply saying they're in the past. The bottom line with the Cam Newton smear campaign and his eligibility is that if he hasn't accepted any money or gifts from anyone, then he should be clean. He and his father maybe did ask for money to attend Mississippi State, but at this point there's no proof that any money exchanged hands, which is totally different from the Reggie Bush fiasco.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unnecessary Death of Bobby Tillman!

18 year-old Bobby Tillman attended what was intended to be a small house party in Douglasville, GA on Saturday evening. The party escalated to possibly as many 80 people and became out of control. According to reports, a female attendee hit a male attendee for some unknown reason. The male, choosing not to hit the female back, decided to hit the next male walking by who happened to be young Bobby. Upon being hit, Bobby was assaulted by more young men ultimately resulting in his death.

4 young men are now in jail being charged with Bobby Tillman's death. This is truly one of the truly unnecessary killings in recent memory. If this is an 18 and 19 year-old black male's mentality to hit another person without provocation, then the next generation is truly in trouble. Immediately 5 lives are gone, Tillman's mother has lost a son and this is not even considering what the owner's of the house that held the party is having to deal with in terms of future lawsuits.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A New Normal!

President Obama appeared on "60 Minutes" last night to discuss his emotional stability after the political "shellacking" that he took last Tuesday. Very interesting interview to say the least and The President vows to work with Republicans to prevent gridlock in policy making. One thing that the President said that stuck with me is that we may be in a "new normal" in terms of the economic structure of our country and employment. President Obama stated that he hopes that the new normal isn't company's doing more with less, satisfied that they will still make the same profits while expecting more from employees, which will prevent job creation.

The reality is that we're probably in a "new normal" from a employment perspective. Politics is often a dirty business, but business' look at bottom line numbers in terms of profits. The President can impact many things, however he can't force company's to hire when the company is operating efficiently and making desired profits. This philosophy puts most company's in the mode of simply replacing workers that they have to replace.