Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obama's State of the Union!

President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address amidst the usual interruptions of clapping to recognize every statement that was made by the President. President Obama is keenly optimistic that the economy is stabilizing for the better, which may be news to individuals who are losing their jobs daily. The President hit all of the typical points in his speech, however, if he's not able to work with his Republican counterparts the speech will just be political rhetoric.

Republicans want to decrease spending and repeal the health care bill. President Obama asked Congress to work with him to improve the health care bill. Only time will tell if common sense will override political agendas to get the country moving in the right direction.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Denver's Carmelo Dilemma!

The Denver Nuggets has a major dilemma on their hands with star forward Carmelo Anthony. They would rather continue to have him as a member of their team, however, "Melo" doesn't want to be with them any more even though he he as a players' option for about $18 million for next year and an offer from the Nuggets for a 3 year, $65 million just waiting for his signature. Carmelo has decided that he'd rather be a free agent and sign with the team of his choice rather than sign the contract extension. The Nuggets fearing that Anthony will leave without any form of compensation would of course prefer to trade him, but of course teams are reluctant to trade for the star unless Anthony agrees to the contract extension.

Carmelo Anthony is arguably one of the top 10 players in the NBA, but there's no way he's leaving a potential $83 million on the table. While the Nuggets would prefer compensation, I would force "Melo" to play out the season and cut the drama that's hampered the team's performance over the last month. The Nuggets has the potential to make some noise in the playoffs, so just ride it out with their star player and let the future take care of itself.