Friday, August 27, 2010

Lorenzen Wright's Mother Still Seeking Answers In Her Sons Death!

Lorenzen Wright's bullet riddled body was found a month ago in a secluded lot in his hometown of Memphis. Now that the tears have been shed and her son has been buried, Deborah Marion wants answers regarding her son's murder. Detectives have been collecting evidence but have yet to speak on the record about potential theories or suspects. Speculation has been rampant about possible causes of Wright's murder, but Memphis police can't make any arrests based on speculation. Perhaps one day Deborah Marion can sleep with the peace of mind that her son didn't die in vain. The Memphis Commercial Appeal provides additional updates.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Are Arteesha Holt's Demons?

I'm not sure what demons 14 year-old Arteesha Holt faced, but she's been a behavioral problem for her family for years. Holt's life took a turn to oblivion on August 13 when she allegedly shot and killed 2 men in a Baltimore neighborhood, apparently in an attempted robbery. She was arrested yesterday and charged as an adult with first degree murder according to the Baltimore Sun.

Holt apparently has suffered from mental health issues and her family had attempted to help without success. She reportedly had been living in the streets in recent months. Just a sad story.

Is Timbaland Ok?

It was being reported that producer/rapper was in danger of causing harm to himself on Tuesday after he apparently left his home distraught over the theft of a $2 million watch by someone he knows. Hopefully everything is OK with Timbaland, whose real name is Timothy Mosly.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fantasia Wanted Out!

Fantasia Barrino says that she wanted out of her life 2 weeks ago when she attempted suicide. It's probably not fair for me to be a skeptic, but it seems convenient that Barrino has a new CD out today titled "Back To Me" and a new VH-1 "Behind The Music" airing tonight. Barrino is a talented singer who has legitimately had personal issues. Hopefully in this particular situation she's being sincere with her fans.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Faith Evans Arrested For DUI!

Singer Faith Evans who we haven't heard from in a while was arrested Saturday night in Los Angeles for suspicion of DUI. Evans who is expected to release a new album in October is also pitching a reality show. It's bad enough that Evans really isn't relevant as an artist anymore, but getting arrested makes things even worse for her. Perhaps she's never heard of the term designated driver.