Saturday, November 15, 2008

Threats Against Obama Increase

Amid all of the adulation and elation that we feel with the election of Barack Obama, the real issue of protecting the president-elect has taken on increased importance. reports that Obama has received more threats than any president-elect in recent memory. His ethnicity appears to be the primary reason for the spike in threats, and the article highlights one of the most popular White Supremacist sites,, which saw it's membership increase by 2,000 the day after the election. This is an example of some of the postings from the site:

"I want the SOB laid out in a box to see how 'messiahs' come to rest. God has abandoned us, this country is doomed."

I guess we really haven't come but so far as a country, if Obama's election is generating this type of hatred. Although this type of rhetoric may be isolated, it's still very sad and distasteful.

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