Friday, November 14, 2008

King Estate Seeking Doallrs From Obama/King Memorabilia

President-elect Barack Obama is not allowed to cash in on the sales of memorabilia bearing his likeness because he's a elected official, but the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has decided that it wants it's share of the proceeds of anything that bears King's likeness amidst the furor of Obama/King items that are being sold according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The estate is setting up it's own licensing agreements, but I doubt if it will be able to secure any dollars from the items that are being sold from the aggressive entrepreneurs who saw and opportunity and took advantage of it. The King Estate should have have been prepared for an Obama victory and already had licensing agreements in place.

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Anonymous said...

By far the most unique an smartest Obama Memorabilia I have come across is the Obama Model Airplane. The FL company that is creating this plane recently launched their KSFBOA series which is 12” span by 12” length. See their
. Surely better than a T-shirted or banners.