Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Europeans Display Open Racism Regarding Obama's Election

The Washington Post reports that many Europeans are displaying a backwoods mentality concerning President-elect Barack Obama. The Post reports the following:

The day after Obama's victory, a leading Austrian television journalist said on camera that he "wouldn't want the Western world to be directed by a black man." A Polish lawmaker stood up in Parliament and called the election result "the end of the white man's civilization."

One of the milder gaffes came from Italian Prime Minister
Silvio Berlusconi. On Thursday, during a visit to Moscow, he praised Obama for being "young, handsome and even suntanned." .

An interesting read on how black people are viewed throughout the world.

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Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Overall, world leaders praised him, showed what I believe genuine respect, and welcomed the opportunity to work with the President-Elect.