Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kanye's Inner Turmoil

According to media reports, hip-hop superstar Kanye West was arrested yesterday after an altercation outside of a London nightclub. If the reports are correct, this will be West's second arrest in the last month.

Kanye lost his beloved mother just over a year ago, and lamented in an interview with People Magazine about wanting to find a woman who really cares about him. He also made the following statement:

"It's lonely at the top," he told reporters Tuesday at a London listening party for the new album. "Losing my mom, having no woman in my life to support me – I feel like I'm on my own and can only express it through my music."

He also seems to blame himself for his mother's death, stating:

It's a subject that, for a long time, was too sensitive to discuss. "I didn't do any interviews after my mom passed, I wasn't ready to speak about [it]," he said. "Now I'd rather talk it through than commit suicide. I'm super devastated." Cruelly, the rapper blames himself – or more specifically, his fame – for her death. "I feel like I moved to California, then my mom moved to California, and she did stuff she wouldn't have done if we'd stayed in Chicago," he said. "If I'd never made it in the music business, it never would've happened."

Kanye is is understandably still mourning the loss of his mother, who was his manager and rock of stability. Hopefully Kayne will understand that his mother is still living through him and his talent. I hope that these recent bouts of aggression aren't signs of additional problems, and if they are that his circle of friends and family will give him the support that he needs.

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