Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Branding of Michael Jackson!

The Los Angeles Times updates us on the branding of deceased pop icon Michael Jackson. In a court filing last week, executors of Jackson's estate, John McClain and John McClain have entered into agreements that will potentially generate tens of millions of dollars to the estate. A brief breakdown of the branding of Jackson is listed below:

Terms of the various deals are laid out in a redacted 500-page-plus court filing that was made public Tuesday, detailing proposals for embossed wine decanters, virtual tattoos and a high-end clothing line all bearing the Jackson brand.

The documents also reveal that Columbia Pictures paid AEG $60 million for the rights to make a feature-length movie out of rehearsal footage for Jackson's This Is It concerts in London -- hundreds of hours of high-definition video shot in the days before the superstar's death in June.

A final cut of the film must be screened for representatives of his estate no later than Oct. 2, must be rated PG and cannot include material that "presents Michael Jackson in a negative light," the contract says. There are plans for a movie soundtrack as well as a director's cut DVD and two special editions of the film after its theatrical run.

I guess it's true what they say, some people truly are worth more dead than alive. Unfortunately in Jackson's case, the statement appears to be true, although I'm sure his family wishes they could've saved him from an untimely death.

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