Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paula Abdul Not Returning To American Idol!

I wonder if Paula Abdul really didn't see this one coming. All parties involved announced yesterday that Abdul will not be returning for the upcoming season. She's leaving the show after 8 seasons. Although I stopped watching the show about 3 seasons ago, I could've told Abdul that once they brought in Kara DioGuardi, that the hand writing was on the wall, and that her time on the show would be short lived. American Idol still draws massive viewer numbers, but many of the winners aren't showing that they will stand the test of time in the music industry. Previous winner Daughtry's recent CD debuted with 269,000 CD's sold, but Jordin Sparks' CD released last week only sold 48,000 copies. The show probably is more viable now for the entertainment value instead of the talent that's being produced.

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