Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama's Poll Numbers Slipping!

The New York Daily News highlights President Barack Obama's dwindling poll numbers which now hover around the 50% mark in some polls. Rising unemployment and uneasiness about national health care adding to the rising deficit are creating issues for our president. Unemployment will take care of itself hopefully over time, but with over 80% of Americans apparently satisfied with their health care options, the question may have to be asked do Americans really think we need reform at the present time, or to the extent that the President is proposing.

Obama appears to be unwavering on health care, and while he's gotten the proposal further than Bill Clinton ever did, Clinton was smart enough to back off when he saw that he didn't have the support. If unemployment wasn't nearly 10%, health care may be getting more support, but I'm guessing given the option most people would prefer to have a job that at least offers some form of health care even if they have to contribute to the cost.

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