Monday, August 17, 2009

Steve Harvey Making Major Moves!

Fresh off the success of his best selling book "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" comedian Steve Harvey will join "Good Morning America" as a correspondent beginning Wednesday. Harvey, who also has a successful syndicated radio show continues to make major moves.


Anonymous said...

steve harvey's comments about michael vick's dog fighting ring will keep me against him. always. what steve harvey said was evil. and i do not, have not, and will not support steve harvey in any way. ever.

Anonymous said...

I guess Steve Harvey doesn't mind toturing animals. Michael Vick could be Asian, White,Indian, or Martian
for all I care. You think just because he's a famous
football player, he can do anything he wants and not be held responsible for his actions? GET A GRIP! There are alot of people of color who are animal lovers as well, and find Vick's behavior arrogant and mean spirited. You have revealed to the world what an idiot you are and I promise you, your career will never be the same again.