Saturday, August 22, 2009

New York Governor David Paterson Using The Race Card!

Embattled New York Governor David Paterson is using the race card to explain his sinking poll numbers. Paterson appears to be facing a very short term as governor as his poll numbers are hovering around around 30% and state Democrats are quietly asking him not to run for the Democratic nomination next year. Paterson made the following quote to New York Daily News columnist Errol Louis, "The whole idea is to get me not to run in the primary," "We're not in the post-racial period," Paterson said. He continued, "The reality is the next victim on the list - and you can see it coming - is President Barack Obama, who did nothing more than trying to reform a health care system."

Paterson needs to realize despite a dire economic situation for the state of New York, he's the governor and the buck stops with him. I'm not saying that race is not an issue, but he accepted the position and everything that comes with it.

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