Friday, August 21, 2009

Is The Plaxico Burress Sentencing A Tragedy?

Yesterday former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress plead guilty to attempted gun possession resulting in a jail term of 2 years, with Burress possibly serving 20 months with good behavior. Burress' plea deal has everyone in an uproar questioning the fairness of the deal. If reports are true that Burress previously turned down a 90 days in jail offer, then he only has himself to blame for his predicament. Was Burress' celebrity a factor in his celebrity? Probably, but Burress just wasn't very smart in carrying an unloaded gun into a club and accidentally discharging it. Is this a tragedy as suggested by Giants co-owner John Mara? Definitely not, but perhaps too harsh a sentence for someone who had a $35 million contract and acted stupidly.

Real tragedies occur everyday, but Plaxico Burress going to prison for 2 years because of a stupid act just doesn't pass the smell test.

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