Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where There's Smoke With Cam Newton!

The timing of the allegations against Auburn quarterback Cam Newton are interesting. Surely they coincide with the fact that he's the leading Heisman Trophy candidate, but does have baggage going back to his days at the University of Florida. Allegations of cheating at Florida and requesting to be paid to attend Mississippi State have surfaced in the past two weeks that appear to have the intent to derail his run at the Heisman.

There's no question that a smear campaign has been orchestrated to taint Newton and his family. The NCAA and Auburn have been investigating the allegations, and Auburn seems satisfied that Newton is eligible to play football. There's definitely some smoke to the allegations, since Newton, nor his father want to address the allegations, simply saying they're in the past. The bottom line with the Cam Newton smear campaign and his eligibility is that if he hasn't accepted any money or gifts from anyone, then he should be clean. He and his father maybe did ask for money to attend Mississippi State, but at this point there's no proof that any money exchanged hands, which is totally different from the Reggie Bush fiasco.

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