Monday, November 8, 2010

A New Normal!

President Obama appeared on "60 Minutes" last night to discuss his emotional stability after the political "shellacking" that he took last Tuesday. Very interesting interview to say the least and The President vows to work with Republicans to prevent gridlock in policy making. One thing that the President said that stuck with me is that we may be in a "new normal" in terms of the economic structure of our country and employment. President Obama stated that he hopes that the new normal isn't company's doing more with less, satisfied that they will still make the same profits while expecting more from employees, which will prevent job creation.

The reality is that we're probably in a "new normal" from a employment perspective. Politics is often a dirty business, but business' look at bottom line numbers in terms of profits. The President can impact many things, however he can't force company's to hire when the company is operating efficiently and making desired profits. This philosophy puts most company's in the mode of simply replacing workers that they have to replace.

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