Saturday, February 7, 2009

Job Losses In Philly!

Yesterday, it was announced that the nation lost an additional 598,000 jobs. The losses are coming from all sectors, and hitting hard amongst all demographic areas. The Philadelphia Inquirer profiles the economic impact of job losses in Philadelphia. John Hobbs, 57 recently lost his manufacturing job, and is debating how to cover his health insurance of $800 on an unemployment check of $241 a week. Deborah Jackson-Smith went from 3 part time jobs to none, and is trying to save her home from foreclosure.

Well I guess help is on the way with an agreement being reached on a ridiculously sounding $827 billion stimulus package. By contrast, 16 years ago, then President Bill Clinton's stimulus package was $35 billion. Now, that's super inflation! I sure hope that our elected officials with whom we've put our trust in know what they're doing, and that Hobbs and Jackson-Smith both benefit from the future stimuli coming from our government.

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