Monday, February 2, 2009

When "No Snitching" Turns To Fear!

The Detroit Free Press reports that 19 year-old Ashley Taylor lived in fear for 2 years after agreeing to testify as a witness in her boss Milt Goodson's 2006 slaying. The refuge of college couldn't even save the young Taylor from the shooter's family showing up at her school and offering her $1,000 in hush money. Thankfully Ashley Taylor's testimony put the shooter away until 2026, and the killer's mother and uncle are also serving time.

Ashley Taylor did the right thing by testifying, and showed her inner strength by not succumbing to the pressure of outside influences.

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Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

As a community worker, I can say with conviction that many African Americans want to "snitch" on criminals and thugs but fail to do so purely out of fear. They know the police will not protect them if they do. So when people ask if they would snitch they say no. That's fear too. And it's easy for us to be critical. We don't have to live in fear with no police protection.

A somewhat lesser reason they don't snitch is ambivalence. To snitch would mean putting a neighbor, a friend, a brother, or even a parent in jail. On the one hand, you wan to do the right thing. On the other hand, doing the right thing could land a close friend, neighbor, family member in jail. It's not as simple as some might think.