Saturday, January 17, 2009

Detroit Lawyer Resigns After Calling Court "Ghetto"

The Detroit Free Press reports that Detroit's top lawyer Kathleen Leavey resigned after referring to the court system as "a ghetto court."

Leavey, who is white, said she got into a heated discussion Wednesday with a court administrator about the court’s handling of a lawsuit against the court in which it asked the city to pay the judgment of $400,000 against it without warning.
“I told her people regard this as a ghetto court because of the way they treat people,” Leavey said.
Leavey said she was referring to long lines and slow service at the court – not it’s predominately African-American group of judges and rejected Atkins’ labeling of her as a racist. The administrator contacted Atkins, who contacted Deputy Mayor Saul Green, Leavey said.
“In her mind it was racist, and the mayor and deputy mayor also felt it was racist and felt I had to resign,” she said.

In this day an age, it's amazing that people still haven't learned that you just can't say everything that comes to your mind.


SjP said...

"Ghetto" is just another one of those "terms of endearment" that I wish we would not use for just this reason.

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