Monday, January 12, 2009

Chicago Music And Obama

President-elect Barack Obama expanded on Sam Cooke's hit "A Change Is Gonna Come" during his Grant Park Acceptance Speech. Although Cooke was taken away from us at the young age of 33, his impact on black music will last forever. The Chicago-Sun-Times writes about the origin of Chicago R&B music and it's link to Obama from Same Cooke, The Staple Singers, Curtis Mayfield and the legendary Jerry Butler who is now 69 years-old and a Cook County Commissioner. Butler even advised the president-elect on a few occasions.

Women loved Same Cooke, and Mavis Staples says that Obama has Sam Cooke's walk which I assume is also making women swoon. Good article on some of the legends of R&B music and the link to our soon to be president.

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