Sunday, December 7, 2008

William Balfour: A Troubled Soul

William Balfour, who last week was charged with the slayings of 3 of Jennifer Hudson's family members, lived a life of instability, and as early as age 14 was arrested for heroin possession and possessing a stolen vehicle according to a report by the Chicago Tribune. Balfour entered this world with a family history of drug use, and violence. His grandmother was sent to prison in 1969 for manslaughter, and he had an aunt and uncle who were drug users.

Balfour's mother was rarely in his life as a teen, and his father was incarcerated. However, regardless of his tough upbringing and feelings of isolation, if Balfour is indeed guilty of the crimes that he's been charged with, an erratic upbringing isn't a license to kill.

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