Friday, December 12, 2008

Jam Says Yes To "Time" Reunion and Possibly Janet

James Harris III, better know as Jimmy Jam of the famed music production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis gave an interview with and Lee Bailey, disclosing that he's presently working with his old group the Time on a new album. Jam says the following:

“We’re in the studio right now putting the final touches on a brand new Time album – all the original members,” Jam said. “We’re having a great time. We’re getting along, which is amazing.”
“[That] led us to ‘We’re all still getting along, why don’t we put an album together?’” Jam continued. “So we’re having a great time and hopefully at the beginning of the year, you’ll hear some brand new Time music.”

It's been 18 years since the Time has released an album with it's original members, so the wait is long overdue. During the interview, Jimmy Jam also hinted that the duo may reunite with their "go to person" Janet Jackson in the future, stating:

“We’re not perfect,” he said of the Jam & Lewis team. “We don’t always make the right decisions. We’ve done records in our time, luckily not many, but we’ve done some that weren’t the best records to do. We went into all the records with good intentions though. You don’t go into it saying, ‘Ooh, I’m going to make a bad record.’ You go in to make a great record. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We had mad records together for 20 years and she decided to go a different direction and I applaud her for it. I want to see her successful in whatever she does.”

“I think she’s anxious to do some work. And [The Time] is back together because we want to be together, not because we need to be together,” he said. “If we collaborate with Janet again, and by the way, I never thought that we wouldn’t collaborate again. Just because you work with another producer or decide to go the other way, that that closes the door of the possibility. We want to work with her and I think she wants to work with us and if that all happens, then that’s what we’re going to do.”

Jimmy Jam's, who is also chairman of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, honesty is refreshing. Here's hoping that both reunions have successful endings.

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