Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mychal Bell, One of The "Jena Six" Shoots Himself In The Chest

Last year many black people traveled to Jena, Louisiana to protest the treatment of black teens as part of the "Jena Six". Mychal Bell was one of the 6 teens who was brought up on charges. Bell, who now lives with foster parents in Monroe, Louisiana was arrested last week for stealing and charged with shoplifting, resisting arrest and simple assault, police said. Police said Bell tried to steal several shirts and a pair of jeans from a department store and fled when a security guard and off-duty police officer tried to detain him. After they found him hiding under a car, Bell "swung his arms wildly" and one of his elbows struck the security guard with a glancing blow, according to a police report. He was freed on $1,300 bond. Subsequently, Bell somehow managed to shoot himself in the chest on Monday, which resulted in injuries that are not life threatening.

I want to see the Rev. Al Sharpton jump on this bandwagon to try to justify Bell's actions. Black people from all over the country jumped on the "Jena Six" injustice bandwagon, and now we see that perhaps Mychal Bell is just a troubled young man. Bell's improper reaction to a problem or action is what caused the Jena problem. Perhaps Sharpton will try to get Bell the help that he needs with the hope that he'll become a productive citizen. Thanks to the Houston Chron for the article.

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