Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Crumbling Of Kwame Kilpatrick!

Former Detroit Mayor made a major spectacle of himself this year with the quickness of his fall from grace. Kilpatrick's public face has always been a display of arrogance, but behind the scenes as the text message scandal was bringing the downfall of his political career, Kilpatrick was very disjointed and receiving advice from people who were beholden to him for their jobs.

The Detroit Free Press reports on the happenings behind the scenes as Kilpatrick's options for keeping his job were evaporating. The article reports that Kilpatrick's sister Ayanna was very angry at her brother, and that Kilpatrick's options were sealed when he attacked a police officer for trying to serve a subpoena to a friend. A very interesting story on the behind the scenes political maneuvering involving a mayor who was in crisis mode, and that at the end of the day everybody involved with Kilpatrick was simply looking out for their best interests.

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