Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's Mark Richt Doing At UGA?

University of Georgia running back Caleb King became the 11th player arrested during this year's football season and all of the arrests really gives the appearance that coach Mark Richt has lost control of his football team. Now to be honest King was arrested after being in the car with his brother and having police run a check to discover that he had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear at a court date for a speeding ticket, but an arrest is an arrest. Also this is King's second arrest in 3 years since joining the team which is ridiculous.

The bottom line is that Coach Richt has to instill some discipline into his team. Having arrests on top of the team not performing well opens Richt up to all sorts of questions, and as the coach he's accountable for the team's performance on and off the field.

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